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Woman Forces Her Dog To Be Vegetarian Only To Be Proved Wrong On National TV

Dog proves owner wrong on naioal TV. Image by rundawggym on Insagram.

Dogs are cherished companions, known for their loyalty and love. But what happens when owners impose their dietary preferences on their furry friends? Recently, a viral video showcased a woman forcing her dog to be vegetarian, only to be proved wrong on national television. Let’s delve into the implications of this incident

Understanding Canine Nutrition

Old english sheep dog
Picture of an Old English Sheep Dog. Image by Meredith Bannan via Wikimedia

Dogs are omnivores, meaning they can consume both meat and plant-based foods. However, their dietary requirements differ from ours. Dogs need essential nutrients like protein, fats, and vitamins, primarily sourced from animal proteins. Hence, the cannot completely be herbivores (vegetarian) or carnivores, and that is where the woman in the video went wrong.

The Dangers of Imposing Human Diets on Dogs

Golden retriever dog looking at the camera during summer walk outdoors. Cute doggy pet labrador sitting in green grass. Image via depositphotos.

While humans can thrive on vegetarian or vegan diets with careful planning, the same isn’t true for dogs. Feeding them a plant-based diet without proper supplementation can lead to severe health issues. Dogs may suffer from nutrient deficiencies, digestive problems, and weakened immune systems as a result of not receiving the correct and right amount of necessary nutrients.

Dog Proves Owner Wrong On National TV

Dog proves owner wrong on naioal TV. Image by rundawggym on Insagram.

In the video, the woman claimed that she and her dog had embarked on the adventure of going completely vegetarian. A lot of controversy was received over the fact that she was choosing to inhibit her dog from receiving the proper nutrients needed from animal biomass. This resulted in her being invited to feature on the Good Morning America show with her dog—that she had self-labelled vegetarian. Her morals and her dog’s preferences were put to the test.

The host wanted to let her dog choose for itself whether it preferred a vegetarian or a normal dog diet consisting of minced meat. And, boy oh boy, was she proved wrong by her own dog on national TV. Her dog confidently walked towards the bowl containing the preferred canine diet and immediately tucked it in. Not only proving its owner wrong but reinstating the fact that dogs need nutrients from meat in order to survive – dogs were domesticated from wolves, after all.

If you want to take a closer look at this event you can find the video below.


The portrait of pair of Bloodhound dogs in the garden. Image by CaptureLight via

The viral video serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding canine nutrition and respecting the dietary needs of our furry companions, or any animal for that matter. While we may have the freedom to choose our diets, imposing them on dogs can have dire consequences that could lead to death if not researched or imposed correctly. I hope you enjoyed reading about the woman who forced her dog to be vegetarian only to be proved wrong on national TV. To read more stories like this, check out the articles below:

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