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Woman Tries To Make Her Bed But Her Ginger Cat Keeps Interfering

Cat tries to attack woman while she tries to make up her bed. Image by kiara_burns_ on Instagram.

In a delightful Instagram video, a woman tries to make her bed while her ginger cat hilariously interferes. The playful interaction between the woman and her cat has captivated viewers, showcasing the amusing challenges of living with a mischievous pet.

The Unassuming Start

ginger cat
Playful ginger cat. Image via Depositphotos

The video begins with the woman ready to make her bed. She smooths out the sheets and prepares to tuck in the corners. However, her ginger cat has other plans. Sitting comfortably on the bed, the cat looks around with curiosity. The woman tries to move the cat gently, but the feline is determined to stay put.

Foiled by Paws

Cat Slaps a Seal
Ginger cat in green folliage. Image via Unsplash.

As the woman lifts a corner of the sheet, the cat immediately pounces on it. With swift movements, the cat catches the sheet and clings to it, making it impossible for the woman to continue. She laughs at the cat’s antics, showcasing a mix of frustration and amusement. The cat’s playful nature shines through, making viewers smile.

Persistence and Patience

Cat Slaps a Seal
GInger cat. Image via Unsplash.

Despite the cat’s interference, the woman remains patient and persistent. She gently tries to maneuver around the cat, but every move she makes is countered by the feline’s playful attacks. The video highlights the cat’s energy and curiosity, showing how even simple tasks can become challenging with a playful pet around.

A Heartwarming Conclusion

Ginger Cat napping. Image by Michael Sum on Unsplash

After several attempts, the woman finally manages to make the bed, though not without a few final pounces from her cat. She gives the cat a loving pat, acknowledging its playful spirit. The video ends with the cat lying triumphantly on the made bed, as if claiming victory in their little battle. The woman’s laughter and affectionate gesture towards her cat leave viewers with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Photo of walking unhappy rufous ginger. Image via Deposit Photos

This charming video is a perfect example of the joys and challenges of pet ownership. It shows how pets can turn mundane tasks into moments of joy and laughter. The playful interaction between the woman and her ginger cat has resonated with viewers, reminding them of the special bond between humans and their pets. Whether you’re a cat owner or not, this video is sure to bring a smile to your face. I hope you enjoyed reading about the woman who tries to make her bed, but her ginger cat keeps interfering. To read more stories like this, check out the articles below:

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