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Watch: XL Bully Attacks Good Samaritan Almost Falling on Train Tracks

XL Bully attacks

A good samaritan at Stratford Station in East London came dangerously close to death (twice!) in just a few moments. This footage where an XL Bully Attacks a man on the subway, although a mere minute, is the most shocking thing you’ll see in a while.

YouTube video

XL Bully Attacks Good Samaritan: The Incident

The terrifying event unfolded when this good samaritan offered to hold one of two massive dogs for a woman at the station. As he took the lead, the XL Bully clamped down on his arm, tearing his winter coat and scattering feathers.

In a desperate struggle, the man nearly fell in front of an approaching train. Onlookers watched in horror and let out a scream when it seemed like he would fall onto the train tracks. The woman eventually regained control of the dogs, but the incident raised serious concerns about the breed’s temperament and public safety.

Police Confiscate Dogs

Following the attack, the British Transport Police responded promptly, taking both dogs to a secure kennel. The incident is under investigation, and the police have appealed for witnesses to come forward. This swift action highlights the seriousness with which such attacks are treated and the measures taken to prevent further harm.

Although it’s always heartbreaking when pets and their parents are separated, police should undoubtedly intervene when someone’s life has been put at risk.

The Soon-to-Be Illegal XL Bully

Example of AM Bully XL. Image by Josie Clark – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Bear in mind that all of this happened against the backdrop of the recent and contested decision of banning this breed.

The XL Bully, known for its formidable size and strength, is set to join the list of banned dogs in England and Wales from February 1, 2024. This decision follows several high-profile attacks involving the breed. If you already own one you can apply for an exemption, but strict conditions apply if you do so. These include muzzling and keeping the dog on a lead in public.

Why the XL Bully Can be Especially Dangerous

The XL Bully’s physical attributes contribute to its potential danger. Weighing over 130 pounds (60kg), it possesses the strength to overpower an adult. Despite some owners insisting on their gentle nature, the breed’s involvement in numerous attacks cannot be overlooked.

Moreover, the physiology of the breed’s powerful jaws means that they can inflict particularly serious injuries, which is why many attacks have been fatal.

Arguments Against Banning Breeds

Critics of breed-specific legislation, argue that banning breeds is not an effective solution to preventing dog bites. They emphasize that a dog’s tendency to bite depends on various factors, including upbringing, training, and the owner’s responsibility.

They advocate for a more holistic approach, focusing on education, proper socialization, and responsible ownership rather than singling out specific breeds.

XL Bully Attacks Good Samaritan: Wrapping Up

YouTube video

I love petting dogs and will put my paws on a stranger’s dog any chance I get. I am always mindful and ask permission, but this chilling incident seriously underlines why this is a must. While the upcoming ban on the XL Bully reflects a legislative approach to this issue, many disagree about the effectiveness of this solution.

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