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11 Reasons Why Octopuses Are Amazing But Also a Little Scary

octopus punching fish
They can change color and texture to blend with their surroundings. Image by wrangle via Depositphotos

The octopus are not to be undersetimated – they have some amazing traits, but some are so amazing that they are scary. This coupled with their alien-like look, definitely gives me the creeps.

#1 Scary-Good Camouflage Skills

By Emanuele Santarelli –, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Octopuses can change their skin color and texture in seconds to blend seamlessly with their surroundings. This not only helps them ambush prey but also hides them from predators. Imagine something nearly invisible suddenly appearing beside you!

#2 Their Impressive Brainy-ness

By Sylke Rohrlach – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Known for their brainy-ness, octopuses can solve puzzles, open childproof jars, and escape from enclosures.

Their problem-solving abilities are definitely impressive but also a bit unnerving, especially considering they can remember solutions and improve over time.

#3 Growing New Limbs

octopus punching fish
Image by TheSP4N1SH via Depositphotos

Lose a limb? No problem. Octopuses can regrow their arms. This regenerative ability is helpful for escaping predators’ grips but also gives them an almost supernatural edge, as if they can heal from any battle wound.

#4 Venom Lethal Even For Humans

Image by OlgaVisavi via Depositphotos

Most octopuses are venomous, with the blue-ringed octopus being among the deadliest. Their venom can paralyze prey—or a human—quickly, making their bite a dangerous tool.

#5 Eight Mouths To Bite You With

Image via Depositphotos

At the center of their tentacles lies a hard, parrot-like beak capable of breaking through shells. This beak can deliver a nasty bite to any perceived threat or curious diver.

And remember, they have eight tentacles – which means they have eight things to bite you with.

#6 Three Hearts

Octopus in the Ocean
Octopus crawling along the oceans floor. Image via Pexels.

Octopuses have three hearts, which may sound romantic, but it also adds to their alien-like physiology. Two pump blood to the gills, while the third sends it to the rest of the body, ensuring they are well-oxygenated to hunt in deep waters.

#7 No Bones

octopus punching fish
Image by via Depositphotos

Their boneless body lets them squeeze through incredibly tiny spaces—holes no larger than an apple. This ability is essential for hiding and escaping but can also be a little creepy, essentially you can’t hide from them.

#8 Ink Defense

octopus trades cup for shell
Image by Diane Picchiottino via Unsplash

When threatened, octopuses release a cloud of black ink, helping them to escape from predators. This ink not only confuses attackers but can also harm their sense of smell and taste.

#9 Scary-Strong Suction

Image via Depositphotos

Each of an octopus’ tentacles is lined with rows of suction cups, allowing them to taste what they touch and grip strongly onto almost any surface. 

On average, a suction cup can hold between 2-4 pounds, but with especially large species, some suction cups can hold as much as 35 pounds!

#10 Solitary Creatures Who Eat Their Partners

Image by Tam Minton via Unsplash

Octopuses are solitary creatures, spending most of their life completely alone. They meet others only to mate, and often, the female will eat the male afterward – so I’d be extra wary of octopus females.

#11 Short Lifespans

De albert kok – Obra propia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Despite their complex brains and behaviors, most octopuses live for only a few years. This short lifespan is a stark reminder of nature’s paradoxes: so intelligent and yet so ephemeral.

But maybe this is for the best; had they lived for longer, maybe they’d have grown too intelligent and taken over the world, who knows?

Why Octopuses Are Amazing But Scary: Wrapping Up

Blue-ringed octopus, Hapalochlaena sp., blending with coral reef elements, but distinguished by its glowing blue rings. Puerto Galera, Philippines. Image via Depositphotos

To conclude, octopuses have so many amazing traits – but sometimes they’re so amazing that they actually become a little scary. Which trait of theirs seems the scariest to you?

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