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Watch Rare Encounter Titan Triggerfish Attacks Octopus

Triggerfish attacks an octopus
Triggerfish attacks an octopus. Image by Paradise Fishing via Youtube

Imagine cruising through the ocean and looking left as a Titan Triggerfish attacks an octopus! That would blow my mind! Luckily this diver managed to catch it on film for the rest of us to witness.

Read to the end to watch the video!

The Allure of the Titan Triggerfish

They are rather goofy looking fish but do not let that fool you. Evidently, they can be surprisingly aggressive and as you can see in this video, rather relentless.

They are extremely intriguing fish, their scales are usual beautiful colours and they are known for something resembling a moustache above their mouth.

Their Diet

Generally, these fish feed on things like sea urchins, molluscs, crustaceans, tube worms and coral. So an Octopus is a little out of its go to meal. I am impressed by this fish’s belief in itself!

Octopus Defence Force

This amazing creature acts as a whole army by itself! Employing many techniques, it manages to evade its enemy.

First, it releases a cloud of black ink, trying to ward off the large fish, disorientate it and hide itself, allowing for a mysterious escape.

Secondly, it rapidly changes colour, trying to disguise itself. First blending in with the background and then changing to black to match the ink cloud.

Thirdly, with the next release of ink, it sends out an extended arm with a powerful punch to try ward off the large fish!

The Video

Titan triggerfish ATTACKS Octopus!, Source: Paradise Fishing, Youtube

As you can see, this is an incredible impressive encounter! Let me know what you thought what of this Titan Triggerfish Attacks Octopus in the comments!

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