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30 Fashionable Animals in the US

Fashionable animals
Portrait of cute purebred poodle posing, shaking head isolated over white studio background. Concept of domestic animals, care, companion, vet, motion, action, pet's love. Image by via

With fashion week season on the go around the world, it had me wondering – who are considered the most fashionable animals in the US? Although trends and seasons change, people’s opinions differ, and popular culture influences which animals are considered fashionable, here is a list of 30 of the most fashionable, and adorable, animals in the US. 

1. Poodle

Standard Red Poodle dog lying on a white background. Image by FotoJagodka via

Poodles are made for a life in the high-end fashion world! Often pulling off impressive haircuts and elegant outfits, these dogs capture the essence of elegance. Their style and grace make them a valuable asset for any editorial team. 

2. Dachshund

Image by Kojirou Sasaki via

Daschunds, with their long bodies and expressive eyes, make cute and quirky fashion influencers. Whether they are dressed in an adorable outfit or watching the scene from their owner’s handbag, these individualistic animals steal the show!

3. Chihuahua

Chihuahua sitting in winter scene, portrait. Image by lifeonwhite via

As for glamour, Chihuahuas steal the show. Their petite frame and, dare I say, bold attitudes, make them perfect for any event involving chic and glamour. They are often seen on the red carpet in their owner’s arms or as the stars of a fashion campaign. And we can’t get enough. 

4. Siamese Cat

Siamese cat
Siamese cat. Image by EBFoto via

The striking blue eyes and slender bodies of Siamese Cats are just made for a life of style and glamour! They are often seen in fashion photography where their regal air brings a luxurious flair to the brands they represent. 

5. Persian Cat

persian cat
Image by Stefan Ivanov via

When thinking of a Persian Cat, their serene expressions and graceful movements are made to feature close to luxury fashion brands. They are even permanently dressed in luxurious fluffy coats – the picture of refined elegance. 

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Image by grase via

Yorkshire Terriers with their silky coats and spunky personalities are often seen as models for pet fashion brands. Adding a dash of cuteness while strutting their stuff in adorable tiny outfits on the runway, Yorkies show that small packages carry the biggest dynamite.  

7. Golden Retriever

golden retrievers
This dog looks like it would be googling a lot of interesting questions. Image by KostyaKlimenko via

The gentle and loving Golden Retriever brings the essence of joy and friendship to whatever photoshoot they partake in. With their expressive eyes and golden locks, they portray their sincerity through the lens.

8. Labrador Retriever

Image by anatema via

If there was ever a playful energy, it is that of the Labrador! Sporting cute outfits next to their human companions or posing next to models, their charm is just undeniable. 

9. French Bulldog

A closeup shot of a cute brown French bulldog playing with a toy. Image by Wirestock via

With their adorable (and photogenic!) faces, who would not want a French Bulldog by their side? Lovable Frenchies are often seen on the red carpet, in the media, and as part of fashion shoots. I mean, they even have the sassy personality fit for a fashionista! 

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Sad pure-bred dog, puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, lie, close up muzzle. Image by tankist276 via

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels encapsulates the image of classic charm! Their silky coats and expressive faces are made for editorial spreads and luxury brands. Think timeless elegance!

11. Sphynx Cat

Image by naumenkoek via

If you want to talk about striking statement looks, the Sphynx Cat has got that down to a t! With their hairless bodies and wrinkled skin they are made for bold and edgy editorial looks. May their boldness and confidence carry on challenging conventional beauty standards for many years to come. 

12. Italian Greyhound

Portrait of nice Italian Greyhounds. Image by Lenkadan via

If there is a haute-couture or high-end fashion editorial, Italian Greyhounds tick all the boxes and more. With their delicate features and poise, we are in love with the sophistication these dogs bring to fashion. 

13. Maltese

almost sharp photo. photo session of the Maltese lapdog in the park on a white bench.Image by Vadzim_Sheleh via

Silky white coats, striking eyes, and just plain adorable are but a few ways to describe Malteses. And they bring all these characteristics to fashion campaigns and social media, or whenever there is a camera close by! 

14. Beagle

Beagle reading the newspaper. Image by IgorVetushko via

The adventurous spirit of Beagles is often captured in lifestyle and outdoor fashion brand campaigns. These cute animals bring a down-to-earth vibe to their shoots, and we can’t help but love them for it. 

15. Siberian Husky

Image by IgorVetushko via

Siberian Huskies with their soul-piercing eyes and thick luxurious coats are often featured in winter high-end fashion editorials. Capturing their wild beauty amongst the outdoors makes for beautiful fashion spreads!

16. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu dog on an autumn walk. Image by gurinaleksandr via

The adorable Shih Tzu has been loved in the fashion industry for years. Maybe it is due to their adorable faces, the wild hairstyles they can pull off, or the dazed look of sophistication they give to the camera. Keep the charm coming, I say! 

17. Great Dane

great dane
Great Dane or German Mastiff laying in Dandelion’s Flowers, (Old Standard Breed with Cut Ears). Image by slowmotiongli via

If you want to talk about making a statement, just look at a Great Dane! With their large size and regal air, Great Danes bring a sense of power and boldness to the world of fashion. 

18. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier
Portrait of Boston Terrier dog in the Autumn Park. Image by GalinaZhigalova via

Bosten Terriers in their permanent tuxedoes and expressive faces bring a trendy look and feel to the fashion world. Whether it be on the red carpet, or in front of the lens, these permanently dressed dogs are classic style icons!

19. Doberman Pinscher

Image by Drago_Nika via

The brooding look of Doberman Pinschers demands attention in the world of high-end fashion brands. With their strong muscular build and sleek, shiny coats they bring an edge of power to any photoshoot!

20. Boxer

funny face 9 months old purebred golden puppy German boxer dog closeup. Image by donogl via

The cute faces and athletic builds of Boxers have captured the attention (and hearts) of many photographers and designers alike. Speaking to the modern trend of athletic looks, these energetic dogs bring just that to the scene. 

21. German Shepherd

german shepherd
Image by IgorVetushko via

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a German Shepherd in the fashion world, my mind goes straight to classy trench coats and luxurious scarves. These elegant animals exude confidence in any shoot or editorial they are a part of. 

22. Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Image by Alvan Nee via

Even the Queen had Corgis. If that doesn’t tell you that these short-legged beauties are stylish, I don’t know what will! They bring a sense of playfulness to any fashion editorial, and even more so to the people they work with. 

23. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
Beautiful young Australian Shepherd keeps the red ball. Image by Ksuksann via

Australian Shepherds have the sought-after “something” everyone in the fashion world is always looking for. With their patterned coats and striking, beautiful eyes, they bring the idea of rugged chic to life. 

24. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier
Portrait of young bull terrier dog on the conformation show. Image by phodopus via

Bull Terriers are the face of individuality and edginess, literally. Have you seen their adorable egg-shaped heads? Made to bring fearless fashion statements to life. Bullies bring a sense of rebellion to whatever fashion brand they are involved with. 

25. Scottish Fold Cat

scottish fold
Image by Deniz Demerici via

Elegance, charm, luxury. Only some of the things Scottish Fold cats bring to the fashion world. Their fluffy coats and characteristic folded ears are loved by photographers bringing sophisticated brands to life. 

26. Ragdoll Cat

ragdoll cat
Lovely ragdoll cat portrait with beautiful colors and patterns. Image by via

Well-established in the world of luxurious fashion by their tranquil expressions. Ragdoll Cats’ striking blue eyes and silk-like coats are adored by elegant brands wanting to add a touch of comfort to their appearance. 

27. Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon
Maine Coon cat on antique chair. Image by nikkytok via

Another edgy model is the Maine Coon Cat. Their bushy tails, tufted ears, and large size are photographers’ dreams, which can be seen in many fashion editorials. Giving them a deserving spot on the list as one of the most fashionable animals in the US!

28. Border Collie

Border Collie
Eye color varies from brown to green, and occasionally eyes of differing colors occur. Image by Anna Dudkova via Unsplash

Border Collies’ balance of athleticism and elegance has earned them a spot in the sporty fashion world! Next to models in rugged, yet stylish outfits, they bring a sense of adventure to life. And I mean, those eyes!

29. Miniature Schnauzer

miniature schnauzer
A small black and silver Miniature Schnauzer dog walking on the grass, looking very happy. It is known for being an intelligent, loving, and happy dog. Image by f8grapher via

With their beards and distinctive eyebrows, Miniature Schnauzers have the classic professor look down! They have appeared in many city-inspired fashion editorials to which they bring a sense of chic sophistication.

30. Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog
Black and white Portuguese Water Dog sitting beside a garden with pink coneflowers on a summer day. Image by ArchivedInk via

The curly-coated Portuguese Water Dog has made a splash in the nautical fashion world. Often seen in editorials posing on a yacht in the iconic blue, white, and red stripes of the sea. These dogs absolutely embody the idea of coastal living! 

Fashionable Pedigree

Image by VitalikRadko via

These animals listed are considered fashionable as they often appear in ads, on social media, and in many other media forms due to their photogenic faces and popularity amongst owners (and animal lovers). However, we must remember to treat these four-legged fashion icons with the respect and kindness they deserve!

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