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7 Reasons You Should Keep Chickens in Your Yard

Image by Michael Anfang via Unsplash

During the pandemic, the U.S. saw a boom in people keeping their own chickens – and with good reason! There are so many benefits of keeping your own chickens, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 reasons to try and convince you why you should start keeping chickens in your yard.

1. Fresh Eggs Daily (from happy chickens!)

Image by jaikishan patel via Unsplash

Who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast? Keeping chickens means you have a steady supply of eggs. Not only are these eggs tastier, free from antibiotics and hormones, but you can rest easy knowing that they come from chickens who lives a good life. 

2. Natural Pest Control

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Image by Rachel Vine via Pexels

Chickens are natural foragers and will spend their day eating the many different pests that live in your yard. Because of this, you won’t have to use chemical pesticides, making sure your garden can healthily thrive.

3. High-Quality Fertilizer

silkie chicken
Image by actionklaus via Pixabay

While it might seem a bit gross, chicken poop is actually an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are great nutrients that your plants will love.

4. Important Life Lessons

cowboy takes chicken for a ride.
Image by Egor Myznik via Unsplash

Keeping chickens is also an educational experience for the whole family. It teaches lessons of responsibility and the importance of sustainability. Children especially benefit from learning where their food actually comes from.

5. Waste Reduction

dog and chicken play tag
Image by James Wainscoat via Unsplash

Chickens can eat most of your leftovers that otherwise would end up in the trash. From vegetable peels to leftover grains, they can turn your unwanted scraps into valuable eggs. 

6. Stress Reduction

Image by Travis Colbert via Unsplash

Spending time with chickens can be surprisingly therapeutic. Much like dogs, each chicken has it own personality, and caring for them provides a sense of calm and routine. Many people who keep chickens say it lowers their stress levels and gives them a sense of well-being from the time spent with their flock.

7. A Step Towards Sustainable Living

Image by Finn Mund via Unsplash

Producing your own eggs means you don’t have to rely on commercial farming, which sadly often prioritizes efficiency over the happiness of its chickens. It’s a small but meaningful way to add to a more environmentally friendly way of life.

Reasons Why You Should Keep Chickens In Your Yard: Wrapping Up

Image by Linda Robert via Unsplash

What’s not to love about chickens and having a constant supply of fresh eggs? Essentially, keeping chickens will make you, your garden (and even the planet) healthier.

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