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7-Year-Old Stares Down Massive Bear

black bear
Image by jnrmynet via Youtube

Can you imagine a sunny day in a peaceful neighborhood, a 7-year-old gleefully riding a scooter when, suddenly, a massive black bear decides to join the party?

Sounds like a scene from a thrilling movie, right? But this remarkable encounter is no fiction; it’s a true story that unfolded in British Columbia, Canada. In a heart-pounding surveillance video, we witness a curious bear approaching the child, only to be thwarted by a courageous bystander.

The Unlikely Meeting

The heart-stopping video captures a brave child riding a scooter in British Columbia, Canada, while an enormous black bear approaches. Just as the situation gets nerve-wracking, a Good Samaritan rounds the corner, waving their arms and yelling, causing the bear to make a hasty retreat.

Fortunately, the child promptly hops onto their scooter and escapes unharmed. This serves as a gripping reminder of the coexistence of humans and wildlife.

The Encounter

“7-Year-Old Encounters Massive Bear While Riding Scooter,” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Inside Edition

If you ever find yourself in the presence of a black bear while riding your scooter or outdoors, here’s what you should do:

  1. Stay Calm: Your instinct might be to panic, but staying calm is crucial. Bears can perceive fear and aggression, which might provoke them.
  2. Back Away Slowly: Slowly move away from the bear without turning your back on it. Maintain eye contact but avoid direct confrontation.
  3. Make Noise: Speak in a firm, calm voice to let the bear know you’re human. Bears often prefer to avoid confrontation.
  4. Do Not Run: Running triggers a bear’s predatory instincts. You can’t outrun them, so it’s best to stand your ground.
  5. Carry Bear Spray: If you’re in bear country, carrying bear spray is an excellent precaution. It can deter a charging bear if used correctly.

The Black Bear’s Habitat

Black bear
Black Bear Hiding Behind Tall Grass. Image by Thomas Fuhrmann via Pexels

Black bears, Ursus americanus, are located throughout North America. They boast an impressive range of habitats. Here are some facts about their home:

  • Versatile Homes: Black bears are highly adaptable, thriving in various environments, from dense forests to swamps, mountains to plains.
  • Omnivorous Diet: These bears are opportunistic eaters. Their diet can consist of berries, fruits, nuts, insects, fish, and even small mammals.
  • Hibernation Masters: Black bears are well-known hibernators, usually retreating to their dens during the winter months. While hibernating, their body temperature drops slightly, and they do not eat, drink, or excrete waste.
  • Territorial Range: The range of a black bear can be surprisingly extensive, with some individuals covering over 50 square miles.
  • Conservation Success: Black bears have made a remarkable recovery from the brink of extinction. Thanks to conservation efforts, their populations are stable or increasing in many areas.


black bear
Image by jnrmynet via YouTube

The heart-pounding incident between this child on a scooter and a massive black bear reminds myself of the natural world that surrounds us. When you find yourself sharing the great outdoors with these creatures, remember to stay calm.

Next time you embark on an outdoor adventure, you will be better prepared, knowing that it’s not just humans that are curious about a good scooter ride.

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