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Witness A Love Story Between Two Big Cats: Neron and Keira

Neron and Keira. Image by The Big Cat Sanctuary

When it comes to love, it’s not confined to humans alone. A heartwarming video recently surfaced, revealing the extraordinary love story between two big cats, Neron and Keira. Shared on The Big Cat Sanctuary’s official Instagram profile, this clip captures their incredible moments of affection and sheds light on how their paths intertwined.

A Chance Encounter

Neron and Keira. Image by The Big Cat Sanctuary.

In 2018, the presence of Neron in the Abbey was uncertain with destiny having part of her plan in store. After her, Keira (another resident) from the feline community, also joined the very next year.

Coming after the workers in the zoo sensed the connection between them and decided to settle them in pairs. This little girl had no idea that this was the very first of many magical times to come—the beginning of an unforgettable romantic journey.

Flirting and Bonding

Neron and Keira. Image by The Big Cat Sanctuary

They looked at each other as if they were lovers who had re-discovered each other after a long separation. Neron and Keira had been together since the very first time they met and love was like a super-charge, making their hearts beat fast and their love story stronger.

They could feel an all-embracing invisibility by nearly every glance of the crowd, and debatably, the first one who made an uncommon face captivated their attention.

Their caretaker mentioned their interest in doing something in the outdoors like rolling onto the ground and intertwining their body with each other, the two of them shared excitement.

Calming Influence

Neron and Keira. Image by The Big Cat Sanctuary

Neron, the solid jaguar, indeed, calmed Keira substantially as no one else could. Through her presence, she felt peace. And she introduced him to his previously unknown nurturing side. His response was audible and noticeable.

In the society of two, they formed a strong duple, their love going beyond the walls of their habitat. The tourists were captured by their affectionate yet fun-filled, closeness.

Our Thoughts

Neron and Keira. Image by The Big Cat Sanctuary

The video captures Neron and Keira’s love in its purest form—a testament to the universal love story and affection. As you watch them you’ll find yourself echoing “Aww.” These majestic jaguars remind us that love knows no bounds, even in the wild

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