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Bringing animals into peoples hearts'

We believe in a world where humans and animals live side by side in harmony. We want to show people the beauty of experiencing animals in their natural habitat. Connecting animal lovers to authentic experiences. 

We are convinced that exciting experiences with animals create a sense of love and responsibility towards them. As a more developed species we should build a greater awareness around animals and take them under our protection.

Every time you visit our blog we move closer to our goal of creating animal conservation awareness. Every click makes our goal of creating animal conservation and awareness efforts more achievable.

Our founders Chris and Jan dedicate their lives to animal conservation and education.

Become a part of the journey, explore our global encounters and read our Blog.

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Our Vision

Show the beauty of nature

Experience wildlife in the destinations of your dreams. We connect you to the earth that connects us all. 

We strive to become a trusted advisor for ethical and responsible global animal encounters, and in the process creating awareness and mobilisation of conservation efforts and awareness. Achieved through partnerships and connections with passionate, specialist organizations worldwide. 

We aim to lead by example, committing ourselves to our objective of responsible travel and tourism. We campaign to strengthen the bond between wildlife and humanity, to achieve a future in which we can both thrive in harmony.

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Who we are

Two friends who love wildlife

How can we all learn more about animals and their natural habitat? Making the world’s wildlife information accessible to everyone. We want to foster a community in which people exchange their love for animals and nature and share their experiences about global animal encounters.

We are collecting the most unique animal experiences and encounters you can have – giving you guides including all relevant information to these animal encounters. Sending you on a journey around the globe.

We sincerely hope that you can find your favorite animal here. Take on the opportunity to encounter it in real life to build a stronger bond and create an unforgettable experience!  

If you like to reach out to us, send a mail to [email protected] or meet us on Linkedin.

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