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Adorable Baby Elephant Sees The Ocean For The First Time

baby elephant in water
Image by EBFoto via

Just as I thought baby elephants couldn’t possibly get any cuter, I saw this video of a baby elephant seeing the ocean for the first time. Share our joy through the article! 

What is happening here?

Baby elephant in water
Baby elephant in a lake. Image by EBFoto via

In the video, we see a baby elephant – cute enough as is – experience a moment of pure joy playing in the ocean waves. This baby elephant saw the ocean for the first time on this day and reacted in a precious way. The elephant could not stop frolicking! Running in and out of the waves, rolling in the shallow water, and splashing his little trunk to his heart’s desire. All with an undeniable expression of pure joy on his face!

Elephants love water

Elephant Spraying Water. Image by fouroaks via

This adorable event, which certainly brought just as much joy to onlookers, is not that uncommon for elephants. As they adore water! These mighty animals are often seen crossing rivers, sometimes even using their trunks as snorkels. Elephants not only use playing in water as a recreational pastime, but it is also a necessary tool for them to regulate their body temperatures. They can’t sweat like we do, so they use water and mud to cool down and keep their temperatures regulated, especially during warm summer months. 

But, can elephants experience joy?

Elephant and her baby cuddling. Image by aiisha via

If this video isn’t enough proof of the joy this little elephant is experiencing, we’ll go a little deeper. Elephants are known for their high intelligence and exceptional emotional intelligence. Not only do these big softies have incredible memories, but they mourn for their lost siblings and family members, take care of each other in various ways, and of course play when they can! 

Final say on the baby elephant seeing the ocean for the first time

YouTube video
When a baby elephant sees the sea for the first time! Source: Youtube, Uploaded: Nancy Belal.

This video must be one of my favorite moments of pure joy ever captured. Showing how the small things in life can create wonderful experiences – even for a baby elephant! Amplifying my belief that elephants, big as they are, are just big old softies.

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