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Have you ever wondered what exactly a Pangolin is? What does it look like? Where do these interesting animals come from? You’re in the perfect place. We’ll take a look at all the ins and outs of this little scaly creatures’ life, where we can go to see it in the wild and what we...
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shark in sardine run
Sardines migrate from their home off South Africa’s southern coast and travel north-east into the waters of the Wild Coast. An unparalleled concentration of marine predators including seabirds, sharks, game fish and marine mammals follow these shoals on their Sardine Run.
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As soon as travel opens up in the heart of Africa, Zambia should be on your top pickings to visit first! Here is why we believe you need to Tour Zambia…Did you know that Zambia has been voted the safest country on the continent? With unspoiled landscapes of indigenous flora and fauna, contrasted against the...
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encounter cheetah in wild
If you have been dreaming of encountering wild cheetahs in their natural habitat, then look no further than our Complete Guide to Encounter Wild Cheetahs. Have a look at our newest article to meet this enigmatic feline and find out more about where you can find them in the wild! You can read the entire...
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Why not turn your dreams for 2020 into a reality with an Arctic tour, encountering the Polar Bear… Inuit culture has celebrated the Nanook, (a north-popularized word for ‘ Polar Bear’), as the master of bears. The Polar Bear was thought to be the overseer of Inuit hunting trips and their success . Polar bears...
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europe globe
Interested what the Top 10 Animal Encounters in Europe after Corona are? The Corona Virus has deprived us from our human rights to venture out into the world and discover other species during unforgettable adventures.  We see it as our duty to bring the most exciting European wildlife encounters back into your reach.  Please follow...
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