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10 Animals that Enjoy Having Sex

Elephant Seals

We know that animals have sex, but the question remains; do animals enjoy having sex? 

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kissing giraffes
Giraffes. Image by David White via Unsplash

It would not be wrong to consider it a knotty question that has already perplexed many biologists and vet behaviorists. Luckily, many different research studies have been conducted on animals‘ sexual behavior. 

We have gathered information on ten interesting and sex-crazed animals that enjoy having sex no less than humans. So, let’s quickly break down the wild sexual activities of these ten sex-crazed animals. 

#1 Bonobos’ Sexual Habits Are Incredibly Identical to Humans’

Greg Hume, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The first animal that enjoys having sex is the Bonobo. It’s a remarkable primate commonly found in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Notably, Bonobos, like chimpanzees, share nearly 98 percent of their DNA with humans. Having an uncanny similarity to humans also points to humans’ sexual appetite, which we can see in Bonobos. 

Importantly, researchers have found them imitating humans in their sexual activities. In addition, Bonobos have been regarded as the leading member of the Anamalia Kingdom who weaves their sexual desire into other animals. 

Corresponding to all these Bonobos’ exciting facts, they have been considered one of the few animals who engage in physical activities for reproduction and pleasure. 

Moreover, a Biological Anthropologist and Primatologist, Amy Parish, researched Bonobos’ sexual habits. She concluded in her research that Bonobos’ sexual behavior is an actual dead ringer of humans as they both keep sex apart from reproduction. 

They engage in sexual activities not for reproduction but for pleasure. Instead they think of sex as a pleasurable activity that they engage in to alleviate stress, show affection, and improve mood. 

Above all, Bonobos’ sexual approach and positions also prove that they imitate human sexual positions and their approach. 

More precisely, male and female bonobos copulate face-to-face, just like humans. It also shows that they have sex to get pleasure instead of offspring. Also, male bonobos prefer to mount their counterpart from behind, whereas females prefer face-to-face sex. 

 #2 Dolphins – The Most Sexually Aggressive Aquatic Mammal 

Photo by Hanson Lu via Unsplash

The next animal that gets engaged in sexual activities for pleasure is an aquatic mammal, the dolphin. 

Dolphins are super aggressive when it comes to sexual behavior. Their intense sexual aggression is a topic to talk about. It also pinpoints that they have sex out of sexual appetite, not solely for reproduction. 

Many research studies have already established their aggressive sexual behavior. Some studies even reveal that male dolphins might bite the genitals of female dolphins out of their sexual aggression. 

In addition to this, dolphins love to foreplay before and during intercourse. All these facts are rightly evidence of the fact that dolphins enjoy having sex, and that they consider it a pleasurable activity. 

Also, male dolphins are famous for trying other aggressive tactics and ways to impregnate their female partners while mating. Their complete sexual drive urges their aggression and sexual appetite. 

Besides, their sexual aggression can be dangerous for swimmers, as many incidents have already occurred where we see dolphins getting attracted to humans. 

#3 Short-Nosed Fruit Bats – Fellatio Crazed 

Image by Shellac via Flickr

Short-nosed fruit bats, scientifically known as Cynopterus sphinx, are another interesting animal that enjoys having sex. The animal belongs to the class Mammalia of the Animalia kingdom. 

An interesting and predominant fact about these mammals is their habit of oral sex. It is said that humans often whine for not regularly engaging in fellatio, but it’s the entire opposite for short-nosed fruit bats. 

Oral sex is common in this particular species of bats, which advocates that they enjoy having sex. It is vital to note that most animals do not engage in fellatio while mating. 

In fact, studies suggest that short-nosed fruit bat is the only known animal to engage in oral sex other than humans. Unlike other animals, these bats consider it as a mating ritual. The frequent occurrence of oral stimulation is a common sexual antics of these bats. 

Moreover, a team of researchers conducted detailed research on short-nosed fruit bats’ sexual behavior and rituals. They concluded their study by pinpointing a strange phenomenon about their sexual drive. 

Similaily they concluded that female short-nosed fruit bats engage in fellatio to prolong their copulation and sex drive. More precisely, a female short-nosed fruit bat can extend the sexual drive for about 100 seconds. 

In addition, the research stated a complete procedure of their sexual drive – starting from the female fruit bat’s engagement to fellatio to the male bat’s mounting the female with his thumbs. 

After that, the short-nosed fruit bat licks his penis for a while. All these facts clearly show that short-nosed fruit bats take sex as a pleasurable activity and enjoy having sex. 

#4 Male Northern Elephant Seals’ Intense Sexual Aggression Can Suffocate Female Mates

Southern Elephant Seal
Image via Depositphotos

Next on our list is the male Northern Elephant Seals. They are known to show aggressive sexual behavior while mating. 

It is vital to note that the male northern elephant seal, aka Mirounga angustirostris, is around four times heavier than females, making mating quite suffocating for female elephant seals. Plus, it often leads to severe injuries to female individuals. 

Besides that, male northern elephant seals are known to have aggressive sexual antic, which often includes biting the female’s neck or other parts with their long canines. 

It, again, makes the sexual drive troublesome for females. However, male northern elephant seals tend to enjoy the copulation fully. 

#5 Brown Bears’ Oral Stimulation is a Hot Topic

Image via

Brown bears are often considered docile creatures, but the reality is far from it. They have massive aggressive sexual antics, which might be surprising for many. 

Their massive aggression for sexual drive despite their docile nature proves that they enjoy having sex. Studies tell us that brown bears are also homosexual and love mating and oral sex. 

The research was conducted on two male bears in a Croatian sanctuary. The couple was kept under observation for 116 hours and engaged in oral sex more than twenty-eight times. 

Precisely, they were noticed to be orally aroused for each other after every four hours. Their frequent oral stimulation identifies that they mate and engage in fellatio for pleasure. In short, brown bears are one of the few animals that enjoy fellatio and having sex. 

#6 African Lions Love Showing Affiliative Behaviour Before & After Mating 

wild lions
Image by Will Shirley via Unsplash

Another animal that enjoys having sex is the African lion. Especially male African lions show the best affiliative behavior towards their counterparts. Their two most obvious affiliative behavior or mating rituals are head rubbing and licking. 

Notably, their positive behavior indicates their interest as they enjoy having sex and try to prolong their sex drive through these additional gestures. 

In addition, to head rubbing and licking, African lions’ sexual behavior entails many other rituals like foreplaying before and after mating, urine spraying, licking male genitals, etc. 

Also, it has been seen that male African lions wait for their lioness to get ready before mounting her. In simple words, male African lions showcase docile behavior during mating, while females enjoy foreplay before and after sexual intercourse. 

Another interesting fact about the African lion’s sexual behavior is the same-sex pairing. Moreover, there is frequent courtship between a group of two or four lions with a single lioness. 

#7 Giraffes Have the Strangest Sex Drive

Image by sk via Pexels

Among all animals, giraffes’ sexual drive must be the strangest, including lots of affectionate physical activities. All these activities strongly contribute to the idea that giraffes enjoy having sex. 

More precisely, giraffes’ sexual behavior includes many sexual rituals they perform for pleasure. Among these rituals, hugs, full-body contact, neck massaging, and tongue kissing are noteworthy. 

Also, it is vital to note that around 90% of all sexual activities around giraffes include same-sex encounters. 

The sexual drive of giraffes starts when a male giraffe lopes over to a female or another male giraffe and starts rubbing his body against them. 

He keeps rubbing until his counterpart starts peeing, and then, he tastes that pee to signal his counterpart’s sexual arousal. If he receives the signal, he begins mating. 

Overall, giraffes enjoy sex and foreplay before the mating process begins. 

#8 Sheep – The Most Extensive Animals That Enjoy Sex

ram bighorn sheep
Jwanamaker, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Research has been conducted on sheep and rams’ sexual behavior. Digging deeper into their sexual arousal, we know that rams occasionally engage in same-sex encounters. 

One study asserts that around 8% of rams form male-male pairs. However, the pair do not actually have sexual intercourse but live their entire lives as a couple. 

In contrast, domestic rams are more likely to develop a sexual attraction to females. They might engage in male-male pair mounting in the absence of female rams but always prefer female ones in their presence. 

Their preferences rightly advocate that they consider sex a pleasurable activity instead of just linking it to reproduction. 

#9 Japanese Macaques Can Mate Up to Once an Hour 

Image via Depositphotos

Both males and females of Japanese macaques are known for their same-sex sexual urges. It shows how much they enjoy having sex irrespective of their gender. Also, their sexual receptivity can be identified by their red faces and shrieking. 

Moreover, during their sexual intercourse, the erect male macaques mount and thrust over another male mating partner, which is evidence that they engage in sexual activities just for pleasure. 

Likewise, female macaques are reportedly seen to participate in sexual activities for pleasure. Their sexual activities include vulvar, perineal, and anal stimulation. 

It is vital to note that stimulation can come either through their tails, mounting over their partner, or a combination of both. 

Overall, male and female Japanese macaques engage in sexual activities for pleasure. 

#10 The Brown Antechinus Can Have Sex For Up to Fourteen Hours 

Brown Antechinus
Image by sandid via Pixabay

Before talking about our last animal that enjoys having sex, the Brown Antechinus, bear in mind that humans have sex for around 30 seconds to about 45 minutes, on average. Now, please note that 45 minutes is the maximum, and it sounds pretty long. 

But, surprisingly, brown antechinus’s intercourse duration will shock you as they can mate for as much as physically possible. During mating season, they can have sex for up to 14 hours at a time. Their mad mating duration makes them super sex-crazed and hints at the pleasure they would have gained during sexual intercourse. 

It is vital to note that the male Brown Antechinus continues from one female to another until his immune system crashes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Common Dolphin. Photograph by JKMelville.

Q. Why are dolphins sexually attracted to humans?

It is safe to say that dolphins are super sexually aggressive, so they might jump on divers or swimmers while aroused. But, it surely does not mean that dolphins want full sexual intercourse with humans. 

Precisely, The correct word to determine their sexual behavior is sex-crazed. Dolphins are sex-crazed, so they often jump over humans without the intention of having sex with them. 

However, authorities always warn swimmers and divers to be aware of dolphins’ aggressive sexual behavior, especially in some aquatic regions, such as Weymouth Harbor, England. 

Q. Why do animals have mating seasons?

Animals have mating seasons since they live in the wild. Living in the wilderness, they cannot protect their newborn pups from the bleak and frosting winter. Therefore, they prefer mating in their mating season. However, they engage in other sexual activities to seek pleasure. 

Q. Which animal has the most pleasure in sex?

The animal that has the most pleasure during mating or sexual intercourse is the Bonobo. It would be safe to say that Bonobos are the most sex-crazed animals that enjoy having sex to their fullest. Also, their sexual behavior and activities are insanely identical to humans. 

The Final Take on 10 Animals that Enjoy Having Sex

Image by Gary Whyte via Unsplash

To conclude, not only do humans enjoy having sex, but a range of different animals also enjoy having sex. Lastly, an animal’s sexual aggression entails many strange yet pleasurable sexual activities. 

Thank you for reading this article! If you want to learn more about the strange behaviors of animals, you should read our article on Frog Poop or the Most Endangered Animals.

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