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Baby Blue Penguin Rescued at Wellington Airport

blue penguin
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On a typical day at Wellington Airport in New Zealand, passengers and crew aboard an Air Chathams flight were surprised by an unusual sight: a baby blue penguin, locally known as a kororā, wandering on the runway. This unexpected visitor caused a slight delay but for a heartwarming reason. The pilot and passengers patiently waited while airport staff swiftly intervened to ensure the safety of this tiny creature.

The Baby Blue Penguin

The six-week-old penguin found its way onto the runway, prompting immediate action from Wellington Airport’s wildlife team. The kororā was carefully collected and transported to Wellington Zoo, where it received necessary veterinary care at “The Nest,” a dedicated area for treating wild animals. This incident marked a rare occurrence at the airport, capturing the hearts of those involved and on social media.

Penguin Proofing Measures

blue penguin
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Following the blue penguin’s rescue, Wellington Airport took proactive steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. Modifications were made to the airport’s fencing to deter penguins and other wildlife from entering hazardous areas. These “penguin proofing” measures highlight the airport’s commitment to balancing human activity with wildlife conservation, ensuring the safety of both passengers and native species.

Understanding the Blue Penguin

The little blue penguin, standing about 25 cm tall, is the smallest penguin species. Native to New Zealand, these birds are known for their distinctive blue feathers and their nocturnal behavior, often seen returning to shore in groups after a day of fishing. Conservation efforts are crucial for their survival, as they face threats from predators, habitat loss, and human activities. The incident at Wellington Airport serves as a reminder of wildlife’s challenges in urban environments.

Conservation and Awareness of the Blue Penguin

blue penguin
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This incident resulted in a successful rescue and sparked conversations about wildlife conservation in urban areas. Wellington Zoo’s involvement underscores the importance of having resources and protocols in place to care for native species in distress. Moreover, it highlights the collaborative efforts between conservation organizations and public entities to protect and preserve wildlife.


The blue penguin’s unexpected visit to Wellington Airport is a reminder of the delicate balance between human development and wildlife conservation. Through the swift actions of the airport staff and the care provided by Wellington Zoo, this little penguin not only received a second chance at life but also became an ambassador for its species. As cities and their infrastructures continue to expand, incidents like these remind us of the importance of wildlife conservation efforts and the need for community engagement in preserving the natural world.

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