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Baby Buffalo Tries to Attack Full Grown Elephant

Baby buffalo attacks elephant
Image via Latest Sightings

Let’s watch the surprising moment when a baby buffalo attacks at a full-grown elephant.

An Angry Baby Buffalo

In this cute and somewhat angry bravado, this baby buffalo was captured on video charging at a full-grown elephant. 

This surprising encounter shows the young buffalo lowering its head and boldly advancing toward the larger animal. 

Despite its small size and lack of threat, the baby buffalo’s actions reflect its instinctive courage. 

The Retreat of the Elephant

Surprisingly, the elephant chooses to step back from the tiny challenger. 

This retreat is not a sign of fear but a cautious response to avoid harming the young buffalo. Cute right??

The elephant may also interpret the baby buffalo’s charge as playful rather than aggressive.

Learning by Doing

Maybe the baby buffalo was simply training for future encounters. 

Young animals often engage in such behaviors to practice the skills they need in adulthood. 

By “attacking” the elephant, the baby buffalo tests its abilities and learns about the reactions of other animals in its environment. 

These interactions are crucial for its development!

The Video

“Baby Buffalo Shows Elephant Who’s Boss” via Latest Sightings

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