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Elephants React to Solar Eclipse at Zoo

Elephants React to Solar Eclipse
Visual generated with DALLE-E for AATG by Linnea

Let’s watch how the Asian elephants at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo uniquely react to a solar eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse

On April 8, 2024 the US experienced a solar eclipse.

While humans marveled at the spectacle of the sun obscured by the moon, the Asian elephants at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo also experienced the sudden shift in their environment. 

As the day briefly turned into night, these intelligent creatures reacted to the eerie darkness enveloping their surroundings.

Keeping Close to Each Other

As the light faded during the eclipse, the elephants at the zoo exhibited a protective behavior typical of their wild counterparts. 

They instinctively gathered together and formed a tight group to ensure mutual safety. 

This clustering, a common response among elephants when faced with uncertainty or potential threats in the wild, was particularly notable. 

The adults positioned themselves around the younger elephants, shielding them and reinforcing the herd’s bond during the unexpected darkness.

Holding Trunks

As the sunlight returned, a cute moment between two elephants, Targa and Romani, unfolded. 

They were seen sharing a reassuring touch of their trunks. Which is almost like holding hands for humans. 

This touching interaction reflects the deep social bonds that elephants form with one another. 

The Video

“Elephants react during total solar eclipse at Syracuse zoo” via Syracuse

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