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Adorable Baby Elephant Playing in Bathtub

baby elephant
Baby elephant. Image by fouroaks via Depositphotos

Baby elephants look adorable whatever they do. As it turns out though, they’re especially adorable when taking a bath. Who can resist this chunky and clumsy baby elephant having the first bath of his life?

Baby Elephant Has His First Bath

“Baby Elephant Chaba First Time in the BathTub”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Elepehantnews

This day is a good day for this elephant: it’s being treated to its first bath in a bathtub ever!

By the looks of it, he has the time of his life. He repeatedly gets out just to be able to jump in again and blows bubbles with its trunk. As you surely know, though, elephants aren’t really graceful animals. But what’s not to love about this chunky and clumsy guy?

baby elephant has his first bath ever
Image by Elepehantnews via YouTube

The Playful Antics of Baby Elephants

baby elephant
Baby elephant. Image by fouroaks via Depositphotos

Baby elephants are especially known for their playful nature. This behavior is crucial for their physical and cognitive development. In the wild, these playful activities include mock fighting, chasing, and, as seen in the video, water play.

These actions help the calves build muscles, coordination, and social bonds. In other words, playtime is one of the most important activities of the day!

Why Do Elephants Love Water So Much?

Baby elephant throwing a tantrum
Cute baby elephant. Image via Depositphotos

Elephants have a deep affinity for water, a trait vividly displayed by this baby elephant having his first bath ever.

This love stems from both physiological and behavioral needs. Elephants use water for cooling off, as their large bodies and small surface-to-area ratio make temperature regulation challenging. Water also plays a role in their social interactions, serving as a medium for play, bonding, and even a form of communication through splashes and ripples.

Are Elephants Good Swimmers?

Elephants playing at the watering hole. Image by gudkovandrey via Depositphotos

Contrary to their massive size, elephants are surprisingly good swimmers. They can move through water with ease, using their trunks like snorkels to breathe. This ability is not just a means of recreation but also a survival skill, helping them cross rivers and flooded areas.

Baby Elephants Are Not So ‘Baby’

baby elephant
Baby elephant making some noise. Photo by Lili Koslowksi via Unsplash

Despite their title as ‘babies,’ these young elephants are far from small. A newborn elephant can weigh around 200-300 pounds and stands about 3 feet tall. As they grow, these weights and heights increase rapidly.

This considerable size, even in infancy, is necessary for their survival in the wild, offering a degree of protection and enabling them to keep pace with the herd.

How To Make Sure You’re Seeing Elephants in a Non-Cruel Way

A majestic male elephant.
A majestic male elephant. By Tall Black, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Meeting elephants in real life should undoubtedly be on your bucket list! But when you visit elephant sanctuaries, it’s crucial to ensure that these experiences are ethical and non-exploitative.

Responsible sanctuaries prioritize the well-being of elephants, offering them a safe, natural environment without abusive practices like riding or performing. Supporting such places not only enhances our understanding and appreciation of elephants but also contributes to their conservation.

Wrapping Up

Two African Elephants drinking water from a waterhole. Image by Michael M on Pexels.

Baby elephants never disappoint – they can make our hearts melt by simply just being. Their chunkiness and clumsiness will make anyone smile, especially if they’re having as much fun as this baby elephant had. As we continue to be charmed by their playful antics, let’s also commit to their protection and ethical treatment.

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