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Baby Gorilla Transferred to Foster Parents at Cleveland Zoo

baby gorilla transferred to cleveland
Image by WFAA via YouTube

Jameela might just be the cutest thing you’ll see today: she’s a newborn baby gorilla who’s just started a new life at Cleveland Zoo.

A Rough Start to Her Life

This adorable little gorilla baby gorilla unfortunately, had quite a rough start in life. 

Jameela was born long before her due date, a whole month earlier than expected. Addidtionally, she had to be delivered via an emergency C-section when her mother’s blood pressure skyrocketed to dangerous levels. 

After Birth

gorilla baby
Image via Pixabay

After Jameela’s birth, her mother’s maternal instincts didn’t quite kick in, and neither did anyone else in the gorilla flock.

Zookeepers stepped in, providing round-the-clock care to ensure the infant gorilla’s survival and health. However, in the long run Jameela needed more than just human care — she needed a gorilla family.

Why Cleveland?

The decision to move Jameela to Cleveland wasn’t random. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is known for its special expertise and success in integrating young gorillas into new family groups.

The zoo has a great track record with similar cases. Here Jameela can re-start her life and learn how to live life as a gorilla.

Arriving At Her New Home

YouTube video
“Baby gorilla Jameela arrives in Cleveland after transferring from Fort Worth Zoo”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: WFAA

Transporting an infant gorilla across states is no small feat.

Her team made sure that Jameela was comfortable and secure throughout the transfer. Upon arrival in Cleveland, Jameela was gradually introduced to her new foster parents, Fredrika and Mokolo, who have previously fostered other young gorillas.

Baby Gorilla in Cleveland: Conclusion

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Although things didn’t look very bright for Jameela in the beginning, she is now well on her way to becoming a fully-fledged and happy gorilla.

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