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Bald Eagle Catches Huge Fish in Indianapolis Suburb

bald eagle in indianapolis
Image by @NatureIsFuckingLit via Reddit

Spotting a bald eagle in the wild is not something you see every day, but spotting one in a suburban neighborhood is even more rare. Here’s a bald eagle who’s feeling very at home in Indianapolis.

Indiana’s Bald Eagle Population

Bald eagle
Bald eagle soaring through the air. Image by Stephen Meyers via Pexels.

At one point, things were looking really dark for Indiana’s bald eagle population, but luckily, things turned around thanks to various conservation efforts. From near extinction in the late 20th century, the state now boasts several hundred nesting pairs.

These birds are predominantly found around the plentiful lakes and rivers that provide ideal fishing opportunities – but it’s not impossible for them to make their way into suburban neighborhoods as well. 

Their Insane Eyesight

A key factor behind the bald eagle’s hunting success is its exceptional eyesight. Their eyes are specially adapted to detect movements of fish in water – which is precisely the reason why the bald eagle in the video could get its claws on such a sizeable meal so quickly. 

They can see four to eight times more clearly than the average human! This allows them to spot potential prey from several miles away. 

The Video: Bald Eagle in Indianapolis Suburb

“Bald eagle swoops down and catches sizeable meal in Indianapolis suburb”, Source: Reddit, Uploaded: NatureIsFuckingLit

The bald eagle is seen perched on a typical suburban house before it takes flight with one single aim: a meal. It swoops over the pond in the yard and snatches a fish so massive that it struggles to bring it up on shore.

Wrapping Up

Bald eagles can reach altitudes over 10,000 feet. Image generated by Animals Around the Globe using DALL-E

With human settlements expanding more and more, wildlife is coming closer and closer – sometimes even as close as your backyard.

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