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Big Cats Loving Chin Scratches and Nose Boops

big cats scratches
Image by @safarisammie via Youtube

There’s a universal truth about felines, whether they fit on your lap or could eat you for lunch: both big and small cats love affectionate scratches. This truth becomes startlingly evident when you find yourself surrounded by big cats, their purrs resonating like distant thunder, their eyes reflecting the same contentment you’d see in a domestic tabby.

Cats No Matter the Size Love Affection

Lioness. Image by Joel Herzog via Unsplash

The notion that big cats enjoy affection may seem counterintuitive. After all these are apex predators. Thus creatures of immense power and grace. Yet, when you scratch a tiger’s chin or gently boop its nose, you’re met with the same response you’d get from a housecat – a low rumble that vibrates through your fingertips, a nuzzle of appreciation, perhaps even a gentle headbutt. 

Domesticated vs The Wild

Indochinese leopard
Leopard (Panthera pardus delacouri). Image via Tomáš Najer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

 It’s a reminds me that beneath their formidable exterior, they’re still creatures capable of forming bonds with humans. Evidently seeking out companionship and comfort in much the same way as their smaller counterparts. But remember these are animals that have been rescued and accustomed to humans, not wild big cats.

Do Not Try This on Your Own

Portrait of Beautiful Puma in autumn forest. American cougar – mountain lion, striking pose, scene in the woods, wildlife America. Image by Baranov_Evgenii via

As tempting as it may be to seek out such intimate moments with big cats, it’s essential to remember that these are wild animals. Thus their instincts are intact and their behaviors unpredictable. The interactions experienced at the rescue are under careful supervision by trained professionals. They have strict safety protocols in place. Attempting to replicate these interactions outside of a controlled environment could have catastrophic consequences, both for the human involved and for the cat.

Big Cat Rescue and Conservation

lioness stalking prey
Lioness stalking prey through grass. Image via Depositphotos

The sanctuary not only provides a safe haven for rescued big cats but also plays a vital role in conservation efforts aimed at protecting these creatures in the wild. 

Through education and advocacy, they work to raise awareness about the threats facing big cats. Generally these range from habitat loss to poaching and to promote coexistence between humans and wildlife. By supporting such organizations, we can all play a part in ensuring a future where these majestic animals continue to roam free.

The Video

YouTube video
Big Cat Chin Scratches & Boops! AMAZING, Source: Safari Sammie, Youtube

Wrapping Up with Big Cats Loving Chin Scratches and Nose Boops

leopard sleep
Leopard asleep in a tree. Image by shalamov via

Ultimately watching this video at the Big Cat rescue gave me a deep respect for the relationship that exists between people and these animals. Despite being apex predators, they are also able to show compassion and affection. It serves as a reminder that, at the end of the day we are all just sentient beings looking for companionship in a big and sometimes scary world.

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