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Watch How Bird Sticks Beak Inside Woman’s Eye

bird sticks beak inside woman's eye

Most Australians will attest to what a nuisance magpies are, and most have fallen victim to a swooping attack at least once. By chance, this woman captures her attack on video, showing how the bird sticks its beak inside her eye.

The Incident: Bird Sticks Beak Inside Woman’s Eye

The video shows an influencer named Sarah Jade being attacked by a magpie. When she edits the video to see what really happened, she is shocked at what it reveals.

In the slow-motion version, we see how the bird’s beak actually goes inside her eye. Had she not caught this on video, she never would’ve known that this happened.

Are Magpies Aggressive Birds?

The video perfectly illustrates magpies’ aggressive nature during their breeding season and frequent swooping attacks.

This behavior is more pronounced in some magpies, which may target specific individuals perceived as threats. However, it’s important to note that only about 10% of magpies exhibit swooping behavior.

Magpies Are Known to Target Specific People

Research indicates that magpies have excellent memory and can recognize individual faces. If a magpie has swooped at someone before, there’s a high likelihood it will do so again. This targeted behavior is part of their strategy to protect their young from perceived threats, making certain individuals more prone to attacks.

How to Avoid Getting Swooped

©Zeynel Cebeci

To minimize the risk of magpie attacks, it’s advisable to avoid known nesting areas, especially during the breeding season from August to October.

If you must pass through these areas, wearing protective gear like sunglasses and hats, and not acting aggressively can reduce the likelihood of being swooped. Changing your regular route can also be an effective strategy.

First Aid Following a Swoop Attack

If swooped by a magpie, move to safety and assess any injuries and their severity. In the case of minor wounds, clean them with soap and water. If you’ve been scratched, you should apply antiseptic cream. For bleeding, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth.

Consider a tetanus shot for deep or dirty wounds and monitor for signs of infection.

Attacks Are Frequent: Woman Left Blind Following Magpie Attack

The recent incident is not isolated, and swooping attacks by magpies are common! In a similar case, a woman named Kristy recounted on TikTok how she was left permanently blind in one eye after a magpie attack when she was five.

Although a relatively small bird, a magpie attack can have severe consequences.

Bird Sticks Beak Inside Woman’s Eye: Conclusion

bird sticks beak inside woman's eye
©jadesarah99 – TikTok

While magpies are an integral part of the Australian fauna, their behavior during the breeding season can pose risks to humans. Awareness of their swooping season, understanding their behavior, and taking preventive measures will protect you from swooping attacks like this one.

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