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Breaking and Entering Raccoon Gets Stuck in Roof

breaking and entering raccoon

Raccoons are becoming better and better at navigating our suburban landscapes. Despite being impressively sneaky creatures, they do sometimes get caught in sticky situations – like this breaking and entering raccoon getting stuck with its butt high in the air.

A Tight Squeeze: Raccoon’s Misadventure

A video captures a raccoon’s misjudged attempt to infiltrate a bungalow. The creature, aiming to enter through a small hole in the roof, underestimated the size of its posterior. As a result, it got stuck with its butt high in the air until wildlife control could come and save it from its uncomfortable position.

Why Raccoons Break Into Homes

Raccoons, known for their adaptability, often seek shelter in human dwellings, particularly attics and garages.

These areas provide a safe haven from predators and harsh weather conditions. In their quest for a cozy den, raccoons exploit small openings in buildings, showcasing their determination and flexibility. Understanding their motives is crucial in addressing and preventing unwanted raccoon visits.

Signs That You Have a Raccoon in Your House

Noises such as heavy thudding, chittering, and scratching, particularly at night, are telltale signs. Additionally, physical evidence like torn insulation, scattered debris, and raccoon droppings can confirm suspicions. Be on the lookout for these signs so that you can intervene early and prevent extensive damage.

What to Do If You Have a Raccoon Visitor

If a raccoon has taken up residence in your home, it’s important to approach the situation with caution. Avoid direct confrontation and secure pet food and garbage, which attract these animals. Contacting wildlife control professionals is the safest course of action, especially seeing as there’s always a risk that they may have rabies. They can humanely trap and relocate the raccoon, ensuring both the safety of the animal and the inhabitants of the house.

The Surprising Intelligence of Raccoons

Raccoons are not just mischievous; they are remarkably intelligent!

Their problem-solving abilities and dexterous paws allow them to open latches, turn doorknobs, and navigate complex obstacles. They can even remember “solutions” to problems for up to three years!

This intelligence, combined with a curious nature, often leads them into human spaces in search of food and shelter.

Trash Pandas: Raccoons and Their Love For Human Food

Dubbed ‘trash pandas’, raccoons have a notorious affinity for human food, which is often more accessible and abundant than their natural diet. This preference leads them to raid garbage bins and compost heaps, creating a nuisance for homeowners.

Studies even show that raccoons develop preferences for certain snacks – in other words, they have a favorite food just like humans do.

Breaking and Entering Raccoon: Wrapping Up

This incident serves as a humorous yet very real glimpse into the complex relationship between humans and urban wildlife. Raccoons, with their intelligence and adaptability, continue to navigate the urban landscape, often leading to challenging interactions between humans and our clever, furry neighbors.

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