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Cane Spider – What You Need To Know About This Dangerous Spider

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Welcome to the world of eight-legged creatures; the Cane Spider!

Cane spiders are known to be large spiders having long hairy legs. There are various cane spiders in different sizes and colors worldwide, but they are found abundantly in tropical regions. 

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Suppose you have ever been into visiting Hawaii or any other tropical region. You must have come across this creature. Since its size is bigger than insects, it is common to be fearsome of their bites. 

Does cane spider bite? A common question about whether spiders can is asked frequently. Yes, they do bite to defend themselves. However, it is very unusual for them to bite humans as their target prey is small animals in tropical regions.

Considering its deepness, a cane spider’s bite might be harmful if not treated promptly. Give read this article to find out what spiders can do. Who is their target prey? Do they bite humans, and are they dangerous to humans?

 To ensure safety from cane spiders, read our complete guide mentioning some common facts about cane spiders.

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Cane spider: facts you need to know

rabid wolf spider
Image via PIxabay

Cane spiders, known for their unique facts that differentiate themselves from other spiders. They have several common names based on their features. They belong to the sparassidae family, which is known for its speed.

Cane Spiders have big bodies, which is why they are called large brown spiders. In addition, they are also called banana spiders, brown huntsman, and giant crab spiders. Female cane spiders are fatty in the abdomen and have shorter legs than males.

Cane spiders tend to live in the Hawaii islands abundantly. They have an incredible ability to sense when something is approaching. That’s why cane spiders are shy when you approach them, and they are very fast-forwarding and hide when coming across a big creature.

Cane spiders live for just two years. Cane spiders can bite humans as well, but not to harm them. Instead, they use their venomous bite to protect themselves from dangers. However, if you get beaten by them, it is likely to cause swelling and some behavioral changes afterward.

One of the most surprising facts about cane spiders: they do not weave the web to live. Their female partner can provide their mouth as an egg habitat for days. During the days, the female partner guards the children.

Does cane spider bite?

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Image via Animals Around The Globe

Cane spiders prey on small animals and insects, and it is scarce to bite a human being. However, it is possible when needed. Whenever cane spiders come across human beings to offend them, they will probably use the nasty bite that helps them to protect themselves from offenses. 

In Case, You approach them. They will surely bite you, but it is scarce as they are known for their agility and speed. Cane spiders get shy when they come across any big creature. So, you may only get bitten by them if you bother them.

They usually reside in hot areas and are vulnerable to cold places; you will encounter them in your bedroom, shelves, and bathroom. So, Be careful!

Who is the target prey of cane spiders?

rabid wolf spider
Image via Pixabay

Cane spiders prey on small animals and insects that they can easily trap. For protein, they trap insects, butterflies, mosquitos, moths, and cockroaches. In addition, the cane spider also preys on silverfish, scorpions, and bats.

So, their prey is the small animals and insects which harm your house. That is why opening the door for cane spiders is always recommended. Please do not kill them when comes your way. Since their size is big, they look big and dangerous, but in reality, they are not.

Are cane spiders harmful?

Image via Pexels

At first, they are very peaceful creature that looks aggressive and creepy, but their actions do not speak the same way. Cane spiders do not bite humans generally. In rare cases, it happens to get bitten, which is not as dangerous as the bites from other insects are harmful.

Though cane spiders have a nasty bite, it is only to respond to emergencies. They are incredible, small creatures to sympathize with you in cleaning the house from bugs and moths that irritate the most.

Accidentally if got bitten, follow the mentioned procedure to cure the swelling and pain from the bite.

Cane Spider Bites: What Should I DO?

Suppose the spider bites you; then, the affected part of your body will swell up in response. Additionally, you might get a headache and a slight temperature change. But don’t get stressed as it is not as much as you might think of it. You can cure it instantly while following some tips;

  • After getting affected by a cane spider bite, wash the area with soap for 30 seconds and rinse the soap from the water.
  • Now, take a smooth towel, soak it in cold water, and place the soaked towel over the swollen part of your body. Continuously rub the surface with the cloth.
  • Continuously massaging with the soaked cloth will help you avoid further swelling.
  • You may prefer massaging the affected area with ice cubes for better results. They tend to reduce swelling and avoid further.
  • Severe pain is one of the symptoms you might get after getting bitten. It is less severe than you are expecting. You will feel sweet but stingy pain that might cause itching over the affected area.

However, using ice cubes as a massager is the only solution to relieve pain and swelling. After some time, it’s gone. But it depends on the bite that how deep it was.

How to avoid getting bitten by cane spiders?

Cane spiders are sensitive to the cold environment, so in summer, they turn their way to houses and places where they are found hot. This creepy creature is better than it is rumored. However, you can avoid getting in contact with it.

  • Do not catch them when you find them, especially do not hold them in your hands, or you will get bitten.
  • Always wear gloves when you clean the house, bathroom, shelves, and curtains, which are their favorite places to reside.

Wrapping Up with the Cane Spider 

YouTube video
Cane Spider Hawaii, Source: Brit zillsche, Youtube

The cane spider is known to be a large brown spider with a big body and belly fat. Their long hairy legs can trap the prey fully without letting it go anywhere. They prey on small animals and insects but keep a distance from humans. However, humans might get bitten by this creepy creature which is not harmful.

The after results are swelling and pain which does not long for many days, but a few hours of careful treatment can let it go. The mentioned way of curing the symptoms and many other facts are interesting for someone who wants to explore cane spiders.

Thanks for following along with us! Next up, Beginner’s Guide to Pet Lizards.

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