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Cat Pats Out A Candle Only To Be Scared Of The Smoke

Cat gets scared of candle smoke. Image by little_budds on Instagram.

In a world filled with viral videos, one charming clip has captured the hearts of many. This video, featuring a curious cat and a candle, offers a delightful blend of bravery and humor. Shared widely on Instagram, it shows a cat extinguishing a candle’s flame, only to be startled by the resulting smoke. Let’s delve into the details of this adorable and funny moment.

The Curious Cat

Homeless cat sitting and waiting for food. Image via Deposit Phots

The video begins with a cat intently watching a burning candle. This feline, full of curiosity, seems captivated by the flickering flame. Its whiskers twitch in anticipation as it inches closer, eyes fixed on the dancing light. Cats are naturally curious creatures, often investigating new objects in their environment. This particular cat, however, takes its curiosity a step further.

A Bold Move

Lonely ginger cat on the city street. Image by catsdaily.reel via Instagram

As the video progresses, the cat makes a daring move. It reaches out with a paw and gently bats at the candle’s flame. In a split second, the flame goes out, leaving a small trail of smoke. This action is both impressive and amusing. It highlights the cat’s brave, yet playful nature. The precision with which the cat extinguishes the flame showcases its agility and quick reflexes.

Startled by the Smoke

cat istanbul
Cat guarding an old door in Istanbul, Turkey. Image via Depositphotos

Just as the viewer begins to admire the cat’s bravery, the mood shifts. The cat, having successfully put out the flame, is taken aback by the plume of smoke rising from the wick. Its wide eyes and sudden retreat are priceless. The quick change from boldness to fear is both endearing and humorous. This reaction is a reminder of how even the most courageous acts can lead to unexpected surprises.

The Power of Social Media

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon cat lying in grass waiting for prey. Adorable young female cat in backyard. Pets walking outdoor adventure in park. Close up portrait. Image via depositphotos.

This video’s popularity underscores the power of social media in sharing everyday moments of joy and humor. Uploaded to Instagram, the clip quickly gained traction, garnering thousands of views and comments. Viewers from around the world enjoyed the cat’s antics, sharing their own stories and reactions. Social media platforms like Instagram are perfect for spreading such light-hearted content, bringing smiles to faces everywhere.

The Charm of Cats

tabby cat head portrait in profile, close up against green and brown background with copy space. Image via depositphotos.

The video also highlights why cats are such beloved pets. Their unpredictable behavior and playful nature make for endless entertainment. Whether they are chasing a laser pointer, climbing into boxes, or, in this case, interacting with a candle, cats never fail to amuse. This particular video is a testament to the joy that cats bring into our lives with their curious and sometimes comical actions.


A Maine Coon cat. Image via depositphotos.

In conclusion, the video of the cat patting out a candle’s flame only to be scared by the smoke is a delightful slice of internet magic. It perfectly captures the duality of a cat’s nature—both brave and easily startled. This charming clip not only entertains but also reminds us of the simple joys pets bring into our lives. As it continues to circulate on social media, it spreads smiles and laughter, showcasing the universal appeal of our furry friends. I hope you enjoyed reading about the cat that got scared of the smoke after paying out a candle. To read more stories like this check out the articles below: 

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