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Cat Photographer Shares His “Favorite Project Ever” 

Cat Photographer Shares His “Favorite Project Ever”

Cat photographer, Nils Jacobi, shares his “one of his favorite photography projects ever”, and we are melting! In this project, he captured the cutest Maine Coon kittens every other day to show how they develop while growing up. 

Read on to see the video

“Kitten Growing Up” 

Cat Photographer
Screenshot from Kitten Growing UP. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: FurryFritz – Catographer

The title of his project clearly says what he did – capture cute kittens growing up! I think anyone with a cat will appreciate this project, as our fluffy friends seem to grow up way too quickly. Right before our eyes! 

The Project

Nils, the cat photographer, captured the growth of four maine coon kittens every other day for several weeks. He shares the progress of one of these tuxedo-wearing fur babies perfectly captured, aligned and merged video. Allowing us to see the precise moment the kitten opens his eyes for the first time, or when he grows his wonderfully fluffy fur. Stunning! 

The Future Growth Of The Tuxedo Kitten

The only downside of this entire project is that our favorite little tuxedo-wearing maine coon kitten has moved away from Nils, and he won’t be able to share the rest of his growth with us. Luckily, his three siblings stayed put and Nils could capture them until they reached their full maine coon majesty. 

Finally, The Video!

YouTube video
Kitten Growing UP. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: FurryFritz – Catographer

Last Thoughts On This Cat Photographer’s Favorite Project

Maine Coon
Maine Coon cat on antique chair. Image by nikkytok via

Nils, who refers to himself as a catographer, perfectly captured the overload maine coon cuteness in the clip he put together. And we cannot contain our excitement to see what other projects he brings to the world. For more of his work have a look at his Instagram here

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