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Cheeky Vervet Monkeys Trying To Steal My Food

Image by Thomas Shahan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Finally we had just finished setting up all our camping stuff and sat down to have lunch, when a troop of vervet monkeys decided they wanted to steal our food and our lunch as well. These cheeky guys were extremely sneaky. Read till the end to watch a video I took of them.

Just Arrived

We have just arrived at our new location. There were these beautiful wooden decks deep in the forest. Carrying all our stuff to the deck and setting up our tent made us rather hungry. So we put up our chairs and made ourselves a delicious lunch.

Being so hungry from driving and setting up, we didn’t think about anything else. Just sitting down to eat, enjoying the melodious sounds of the forest.

Murphy’s Law

Sitting there eating our food, we joked about what we would do if we got raided by monkeys. My partner there with me, said she would defend our stuff. I joked that she would just run into the tent and peer out to have a glimpse of the chaos.

Next second, we hear a sound behind our chairs, we look back and you will never guess who was there. There vervet monkeys on our deck and a whole troop in the trees behind them. I look around and there is Tam in the tent already!

The Chaos

I jumped out of my chair and started stomping on the deck, trying to make myself look large and in charge. They got a fright and back off. But what I didn’t know was a baby had snuck around behind me and when I turned around I just saw him running off with my leftover half a tomato!

Chaos ensued. The continued for what felt like twenty minutes at least, but was probably only five. There were so many of them and only one of me, defending the food. I tried my best to get them to back off while packing away any leftovers. They were very apprehensive me, but very cheeky and cunning. Running behind my back everytime I turned around.

The Calm After The Storm

Vervet Monkeys Stole My Food!, Source: Jen Fitschen, Youtube

Eventually they back off completely and went to the next set of campers to try their luck.

Lastly, let me know what you think of this electric ray in the comments below!

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