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Crocodile Stalks Dog on Beach in Queensland

Crocodile Stalks Dog
Image via New York Post

Let’s watch the heart-stopping video where a crocodile stalks a dog on a Queensland beach

Crocodiles in Queensland

Queensland’s beaches are popular among tourists and locals and attract some of the area’s wildest residents. 

Crocodiles are powerful predators. They are commonly found in rivers and estuaries throughout Northern Queensland.

However, they can occasionally be spotted along saltwater coastlines. 

Observing these creatures from a safe distance is crucial, as they can make sudden and swift movements.

Dog Safety on Beaches

Ensuring the safety of pets on beaches where wildlife like crocodiles might be present requires constant vigilance. 

This recent video from a Queensland beach vividly demonstrated this. 

It shows a dog narrowly escaping a lurking crocodile. 

This incident underscores the importance of leash laws and close supervision. 

Dog owners should always be aware of their surroundings! 

Please keep your pets on a leash in potential danger zones. 

Also, please pay attention to wildlife warning signs and avoid areas known for crocodile sightings! Now, let’s watch the video!

The Video

“Stealthy crocodile stalks unassuming dog along beach” via New York Post

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