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Watch: Monster Cow-Hauling Crocodile in Australian River

Cow-Hauling Crocodile
Image via Trip in Van

Let’s watch the stunning strength of a cow-hauling crocodile in Queensland, captured as it drags its prey along a river

Cow-Hauling Crocodile

During a trip of barramundi fishing on a river in Kimberley, Queensland, Justin Lorrimer and his wife Bec witnessed a staggering display of raw power. 

The massive saltwater crocodile, locally known as a “saltie,” was seen dragging a cow off the bank. 

Lorrimer, quick to react, launched his drone to capture this rare spectacle.

The footage showed the crocodile towing its catch approximately two kilometers downriver before attempting to drag it underwater. 

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Saltie the Monster Crocodile

Saltie is a big boy. He is over six meters long, which is a size that would rank it among the largest of its kind.

These creatures have impressive physical capabilities. They include potent jaws capable of exerting tremendous pressure and are adept at capturing and subduing large prey such as cows.

Crocodiles in Australia

Saltwater crocodiles are prevalent across northern Australia. They thrive in Australia’s rivers and estuaries. 

Since 1971, saltwater crocodiles have been protected in Kimberley, and the species have now recovered significantly. 

Recent surveys indicate that populations have increased from a few dozen to as many as 150 individuals in some areas. 

Despite their conservation success, the presence of larger crocodiles has raised safety concerns among local residents. 

Consequently, this leads to regular management actions, including relocation and sometimes culling problem animals

The resurgence of these apex predators is a testament to the effectiveness of conservation efforts. However, it also continues to challenge coexistence strategies in the region.

The Video

“Monster Crocodile Eats Cow” via Trip in Van

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