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Dad Saves Stranded Sea Turtle Baking in the Sun

dad saves turtle
Image by ybsyoungbloods via YouTube

A sea turtle can live for decades and decades, but on its back in the baking sun it might not even survive a few hours. This sea turtle could’ve ended up like that, had it not been for this dad who swoops in and saves it!

How Long Can a Turtle Survive On Its Back?

Usually, the sea turtle is a resilient little fighter, but when laying on its back that completely changes.

When a sea turtle is stranded on its back, its survival depends significantly on external conditions. It depends on the weather, but typically, they can endure only a few hours exposed to intense sunlight and heat before dehydration and overheating would set in – possibly leading to death.

Dad Saves Stranded Sea Turtle: The Video

The scene starts with a perfect day at the beach for dad and daughter, but then they spot a sea turtle that could be nearing death any minute now. It’s lying on its back and baking in the sun when this dad becomes the hero of the day and flips it over and pushes it back into the ocean where its relieved turtle friend is waiting.

50 Pieces of Bones Fused Together

Sea Turtle
Sea turtle swimming freely in the ocean while holding their breath, their heart rate slows significantly. Image by Kris-Mikael Krister on Unsplash.

A sea turtle’s shell is not only its most iconic and distinct feature, it’s also like wearing a permanent armour. It desperately needs this for protection against its enemies (i.e predators and environmental elements.)

Did you know that it’s made of over 50 bones fused together and that the shell is actually part of the turtle’s skeleton?

An Armour That Never Stops Growing

Turtle shot from above in clear water. Image by Ana Singh on Unsplash

Snails and hermit crabs have to keep changing their shell as they grow throughout their lives. But this is not the case for the sea turtle!

A turtle’s shell will always fit like it’s a suit just made for them and grows with them from birth. This ensures a perfect fit throughout their life, which can span several decades.

Dad Saves Sea Turtle: Wrapping Up

Sea turtle
Image via Pexels

Dads are often the superheroes in our lives, but their duties can vary from tying shoelaces to flipping turtles!

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