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Meet the Dog Who Holds the World Record in Scooter Riding

dog who holds world record in scooter-riding

Are you ready to get to know Norman? This doggo doesn’t just have great hair, he also holds not only one, but two world records! This is the story of how he became the dog who holds the world record in scooter riding.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel that dogs are far more intelligent than some people. There’s nothing that could stop this dog with great hair!

dog who holds world record in scooter-riding
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Do You Know the Briard Breed?

The Briard, Norman’s breed, is known for its long, flowing coat and history as a French herding dog. For them, everyday is a good hair day!

But these dogs are not just beautiful; they are also highly intelligent and trainable. They’re also famous for their loyalty and protective nature, making them excellent family pets. Thanks to their agility and quick learning ability you can easily teach them tons of tricks.

Karen and Norman Meet

Norman’s journey to stardom began when he met his owner, Karen Cobb. Karen, an experienced dog trainer, recognized Norman’s potential from a young age. She nurtured his talents, teaching him an array of tricks that went far beyond the typical sit-and-stay commands.

Norman’s ability to learn complex tasks quickly made him a standout – the beginning of his journey as a world record breaking dog.

Dog Holds the World Record in Scooter Riding: The Achievement

YouTube video

Norman’s claim to fame came when he set the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest 100 feet on a scooter by a dog.” He achieved this remarkable feat in just 20.77 seconds!

He broke this record on July 12, 2013, and was part of an event to benefit Road Trip Home, an organization dedicated to saving animals from high-kill shelters.

This record wasn’t just a big moment for Norman; the glory also belongs to his talented trainer and paw-parent Karen.

Not Norman’s Only Record

Norman the dog riding a bicycle

Believe it or not, but Norman has more than one world record on his CV. He also held the record for the “Fastest 100 feet on a bicycle by a dog.” This record further proves that dogs are capable of much more than we often give them credit for.

Both of these records highlight the unique bond between Norman and Karen, showcasing the results of the duo’s dedication, patience, and mutual trust.

Norman’s Journey with Lymphoma

In June 2017, Norman the Scooter Dog was sadly diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma, a terminal illness for dogs. Instead of the traditional chemotherapy, Karen opted for a bone marrow transplant from one of Norman’s siblings to help him fight the illness.

But the tricks didn’t stop! Karen taught him to stand on a scale to track his weight – crucial for his treatment.

Dog Holds World Record in Scooter Riding: Wrapping Up

Norman has more achievements under his belt than many of us do. His countless tricks and talents goes to show just how clever man’s best friend is. Sometimes (actually, very often) the most remarkable heroes come on four legs, with a wagging tail and a heart full of courage.

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