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Watch This Cat as An Electrician

Cat Going Inside Deck and Coming Out from Another Side. Screenshot from Viral Hog

In a heartwarming yet witty video of the ‘cat as an electrician’ performing the actions a real electrician does. The smart cat lovingly nicknamed “Electricatian,” exhibits his superb feline skills while working with wires. Today we will relive this cute story of an electrician cat’s curiosity and the relationship feline Electricatian with a human.

The Curious Cat

Cat and Owner Bonding. Screenshot from Viral Hog

Cats, apparently being a mysterious breed that wobbles from cuddle friends to independent creatures, are back to stealing our show. Yet again, it’s not their charming playfulness or delicate ballets that enchant us; it is a small scene in which they transform into an electricians’ apprentice.

The Deck Inspector

Cat and Owner Bonding. Screenshot from Viral Hog

The video is set on an afternoon in the lit sunshine when a family is carrying out an electrical job in the home. A girl joined one end of the wire to electrician cat’s leash.

Somebody else was ready with cat food at the second opening of the deck and everybody was amazed as the cat simply paced itself to the cat food. The electrician cat went out slowly and the wire was passed through the deck safely.

Our Thoughts

Wire transferred successfully by cat. Screenshot from Viral Hog

While it ends with a smile on our face as a result of the laughter and internet attention the story also emphasizes the special relationship between humans and cats.

The naturally curious and occasionally silly behavior of the cats introduces a spark of joy. They not only brightens up our lives in absurd ways but also keeps us from predictable and bored day.

As pets, they function like human members of a family and contribute to an overall decrease in stress level with other family members. Sometimes they even help with some home improvement projects.

Do not to lose sight of the fact that the kitten you may be considering adoption is a lot more than just a little furry creature; instead they are gifting you a bit of enchantment.

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