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WATCH: Bald Eagle Goes Through TSA line at Charlotte Airport

Bald Eagle in TSA line
Image via WCNC

Let’s watch a remarkable moment as Clark, a bald eagle, joins the TSA line at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Give His Wings a Break and Fly Commercial

Clark the Eagle is a resident of the World Bird Sanctuary. 

He was recently seen at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, swapping his usual wings for a more conventional mode of travel. 

Clark was spotted going through TSA, ready to fly commercial. 

This unique sight captured a very different kind of frequent flyer.

Eagle vs. Plane

Let’s compare an eagle’s flight to a commercial airplane to see if Clarke made the right choice!

While an eagle like Clark can reach up to 100 miles per hour in a dive, a commercial airplane cruises at about 575 miles per hour. 

Further, eagles can fly for a few hours before needing to rest, but a plane can cross continents without stopping. 

Despite these differences, both modes of travel have unique advantages, such as the Eagle’s ability to maneuver swiftly and the plane’s capacity to cover long distances rapidly.

So what do you say? Did Clarke make the right choice?

Animals on Planes

Animals flying on planes are more prevalent than many might think. 

This is especially true for service animals or those being transported by zoos or conservation groups like the World Bird Sanctuary. 

These flights involve meticulous preparations to ensure the animals’ safety and comfort. 

For instance, trained professionals would carefully manage Clark the Eagle’s journey. Thus ensuring a stress-free experience not just for him but also for fellow passengers. 

The Video

“Bald Eagle goes through TSA line at Charlotte airport” via WCNC

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