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Escaped Elephant Takes a Walk in Montana

elephant in Montana
Image by NBC Montana via YouTube

Remember how hard lockdown was during the pandemic? If you’re a circus animal, that’s your whole life, so I fully understand this elephant called Viola who escaped a circus in Montana to get a taste of freedom.

The Escapee Called Viola

Early Tuesday morning, residents of Butte (Montana) probably didn’t believe their eyes when they saw Viola, a 25-year-old Asian elephant, roaming around the streets. The elephant had managed to break free from her enclosure at a nearby circus, where she was featured as one of the main attractions.

But this wasn’t her first escapade. Seemingly, this elephant has a taste for freedom – both in 2010 and 2014, she made brief escapes.

Security Footage: Elephant On the Loose in Montana

Video: Man tries to stop elephant on the loose in Butte”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: NBC Montana

Security footage from local businesses captured Viola strolling past shops and stopping occasionally to inspect her surroundings.

Although community safety is the number one priority of course, I can’t help but feel sorry for her that she was recaptured – after a life in captivity I would also do my very best to see the outside world.

Returning to the Circus

However, her freedom was very short-lived. Viola only walked about two blocks before she was recaptured (sadly for her, but good for everybody nearby’s safety.) Local police, as well as circus workers, quickly came together and put up roadblocks, managing to catch her before anyone got hurt.

Circus Animals May Be Especially Dangerous

Elephant showing off their trunk. Image by Davide Clode via Unsplash

You might think that circus animals are less dangerous than their wild counterparts, seeing as they’re used to human contact. But this is not the case, in fact, the complete opposite is true.

The stress caused by the captive environment of circus animals makes them even more dangerous. Living in captivity affects both their temper and behavior, and not for the better.

Escaped Elephant in Montana: Wrapping Up

An elephant wandering around in Montana is nothing you see every day and, indeed, breaking news. But other than being a rare sight, it raises the much more pressing questions of how ethical circuses really are.

Thank you for reading this story about the elephant on the loose in Montana! For more elephant incidents, take a look here:

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