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“Fattest Bear Week” Online Poll to the Public

Brown Bear
Brown Bear. Image via unsplash

Are you ready to witness the “chubby champions” of Fattest Bear Week?

Man Talking To a Brown Bear

Fat Bear Week is exactly what it sounds like – a celebration of cuddly brown bears. This year, 2023, the event is on from 4-10 October, on the official website.

The contestants for this competition consist of twelve massive bears.

There are video cameras situated all over Brooks River, where brown bears come together to catch salmon. So, over the months, while we are watching, these bears grow! The audience can track, in real-time, the transformation of all these bears. Witnessing the transition from the pursuit of summer bodies to embracing those beautifully oversized bellies. This weight gain is all done to keep warm through the Alaskan winter.

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How the Competition Works?

Bear's front view.
A bear head in a front view.

The “beauty pageant” organizers post pictures of the bear contestants as winter draws near. It is an elimination-style competition. So, voters choose their fattest bear and by the end, one bear is declared the fattest of them all!

How did Fat Bear Week Start?

It all started in 2012 when video cameras were spread across Katmai National Park. The whole point of these cameras is to allow everyone to witness the beauty of the wildlife in this location, according to the resident naturalist of, Mike Fitz

What Was The Purpose of Fat Bear Week?

Fun of course! Moreover, away from the glamour of these big beasts, wildlife awareness and conservation were the key outlooks for the whole event.

Mr Fitz states “Fat Bear week is an opportunity to celebrate the success of brown bears and the health of the eco-system in Katmai National Park”.

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Everything You Need to Know

YouTube video

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Bottom Line

YouTube video

This year’s competition features twelve massive bears, and as the video cameras strategically capture their activities around Brooks River, we have the unique opportunity to witness their transformation in real-time. From their summer pursuits to their beautifully oversized bellies, these bears undergo significant weight gain in preparation for the harsh Alaskan winter.

Beyond the fun and excitement, this event serves the crucial purpose of raising wildlife awareness and promoting conservation efforts. As Mike Fitz, resident naturalist of, explains, “Fat Bear Week is an opportunity to celebrate the success of brown bears and the health of the ecosystem in Katmai National Park.” So, join in the festivities and celebrate these magnificent creatures while supporting their habitat’s preservation.

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