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Fisherman Catches 67-Pound Goldfish Called Carrot

67 pound goldfish

During a seemingly normal fishing trip, this fisherman catches a goldfish weighing no less than 67 pounds and which has the adorable nickname ‘Carrot.’

fisherman catches 67 pound goldfish
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In the annals of fishing history, tales of colossal catches have always fascinated and inspired anglers worldwide.

Among these incredible stories, one stands out as a true marvel – the biggest goldfish ever caught. In this article, we dive into the astonishing details of this catch, exploring the creature itself, its remarkable size, and the mysteries surrounding its existence.

The Location of the Great Catch

The fisherman reeled in this massive “goldfish” in the serene waters of Bluewater Lakes, often billed as “France’s premier carp fishery.” Nestled in a picturesque setting, this small, managed lake offers a unique angling experience. Home to various carp species, including some weighing over 90 pounds, it has garnered a reputation as a haven for avid anglers seeking impressive catches.

Reeling It In: Fisherman Catches 67 Pound Goldfish

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Over the course of approximately 30 minutes, he engaged in a methodical struggle with the substantial “goldfish.” During this encounter, the fisherman exerted considerable effort, employing precise techniques. Ultimately, he succeeded in reeling in the massive Prussian carp. This exceptional catch, with precise measurements confirming its size, has now become a notable event in angling history.

Nicknamed the Carrot

The nickname “The Carrot” stems from its vibrant and striking orange hue, which strikingly resembles the color of a carrot. This distinctive characteristic, coupled with its impressive size, has earned it the unique and memorable nickname that has piqued the curiosity of anglers and onlookers alike.

Not Technically a Goldfish

Surprisingly, the “goldfish” was not, in fact, a true goldfish. It was an invasive species known as a Prussian carp. This fish closely resembles the common goldfish but can grow to monstrous proportions when left unchecked in non-native waters.

The Gigantic Enigma: How Did It Get So Big?


To understand how this fish reached such colossal dimensions, we must delve into its peculiar biology and the unique ecological conditions that allowed it to thrive.

Prussian carp, originally native to Eastern Europe and Asia, appeared in Western Europe as a popular ornamental fish in the 1800s. Over time, they adapted to local ecosystems, leading to unanticipated consequences.

Thriving in Alien Waters

The astounding size of the “goldfish” can be attributed to the absence of natural predators and ideal environmental conditions in its new habitat. With no limits on its growth, it became a true behemoth.

An Equally Impressive Age

The colossal “goldfish” that astounded anglers was introduced to the lake approximately two decades ago. The fishery manager, Jason Cowler, revealed that it was initially stocked in the lake about 20 years ago.

Although it’s not the largest inhabitant, it is unquestionably the most exceptional. According to Cowler, the fish is now around 20 years old. This is a testament to its longevity and adaptability in its non-native aquatic habitat.

Conclusion: Fisherman Catches 67 Pound Goldfish

In the world of fishing, the tale of the biggest “goldfish” ever caught serves as a captivating and cautionary story. While not a true goldfish, this colossal Prussian carp’s astonishing size and the enigma surrounding its existence have left an indelible mark on the fishing community. It reminds us that our actions, whether deliberate or inadvertent, can have profound effects on the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

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