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Fishermen Save 38 Dogs From Drowning in Mississippi

fishermen saves dogs
Screenshot from Fishermen rescue 38 dogs on Mississippi lake. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: WKRN News 2

On a fishing trip turned recuse mission, three kind fishermen saved 38 dogs from drowning in a Mississippi Lake. Saving not only all 38 hound dogs from drowning but their owners’ hearts from breaking too! 

Quite The Catch

Image via depositphotos

While out fishing on the lake, the fishermen noticed some bobbing heads in the water – and no, it wasn’t a fish popping up to see the world above water! They realized they were looking at dogs struggling to survive in the middle of the lake, and immediately knew they would need to help them. 

How Did They End Up Here? 

A hunter man with dog in traditional shooting clothes on field holding shotgun. Image via depositphotos

The pack of hound dogs chased a deer into the lake while on a fox hunt. A natural instinct for these hunters! However, a deer can swim the Mississippi River, but these dogs got disoriented and tired during their pursuit. 


Image via depositphotos

Bob Gist, one of the fishermen heroes, said that the dogs were everywhere! And all they did was swim around in circles, trying to stay alive. 

Get In!

Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest. Image via depositphotos

The three fishermen started grabbing all the dogs they could, loading them onto their bass boat, and taking them to shore where their owners stood frantic with terror. But 38 dogs were too many for their boat, and it took them 3 trips to get them all to shore. 

Tired Doggos

Image via depositphotos

By the time the fishermen got to the drowning dogs they were in the water for about 20 minutes already! And the last dogs were heaved out of the water after about 45 minutes of swimming. 

Safe and Sound 

Image via depositphotos

All 38 dogs, although absolutely exhausted, made it out of the lake safely thanks to the fishermen! And their quick thinking to help these dogs! This is definitely a fishing trip they will never forget. 

The Photo

fishermen saves dogs
Screenshot from Fishermen rescue 38 dogs on Mississippi lake. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: WKRN News 2

One of the men had time to take a quick snap of their boat filled with more than a dozen dogs. You can still see their numbers on their sides from the fox hunt. But one comment had me thinking, is that a deer can swim this far?

YouTube video
Fishermen rescue 38 dogs on Mississippi lake. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: WKRN News 2

Hound Dog vs Deer 

The portrait of pair of Bloodhound dogs in the garden. Image by CaptureLight via depositphotos

If you, like me, thought that a deer would come second when facing a pack of 38 hound dogs this story clearly proves us wrong! Let’s have a look at some of these two animals’ traits, especially their swimming abilities! 

Hound Dog Tracking Abilities

black and tan coonhound walking on a trail in the woods. Image via depositphotos

These dogs are exceptional trackers! Mostly because they have an incredible sense of smell. They have around 300 million scent receptors (humans only have 5 million!) allowing them to detect and differentiate between scents. This incredible sense of smell allows them to track trails that are days old, or even across water – no wonder they followed the deer into the lake. 

Hound Dog Endurance

black and tan coonhound walking on a trail in the woods. Image via depsoitohotos

Hound dogs have remarkable endurance allowing them to track and chase game far distances without tiring. This is due to their muscular build, efficient respiratory systems, and high energy levels. Making them perfect hunting companions!

Hound Dog Speed 

basset hound
cute funny dog running on the grass with stick. Image via

While not the fastest dog breeds, hounds can reach impressive speeds, with some capable of running 20-30 miles per hour. Their long legs, lean bodies, and powerful muscles contribute to their agility and swiftness.

Hound Dog Swimming Abilities 

The dog breed American Foxhound nibbles a stick. Image via depositphotos

Hound dogs are proficient swimmers, not great ones. Although they are effective in water, this is not their strong suit. Especially if they tire or get disoriented, like what happened to these 28 dogs in Mississippi. 

Deer Defense Mechanisms

White-tailed deer. Image via Depositphotos

Deer are often hunted by predators, so of course we’ll have to look at how they avoid being caught! Their primary defense is their acute sense of hearing, smell, and vision, which allows them to detect danger from a distance. This allows them to flee from potential danger.

Deer Endurance

White-tailed deer. Image via Depositphotos

Deer have lean, muscular bodies and efficient cardiovascular systems enabling them to maintain high speeds over extended distances when fleeing from predators. This endurance is crucial for their survival, as they can outlast many predators in their pursuit. 

Deer Speed

White-tailed deer. Image via Depositphotos

Deer are fast! They can run as fast as 40 miles per hour in short bursts, which is crucial if they need to escape predators. Their powerful hind legs provide the necessary propulsion, while their flexible spine and streamlined bodies enable swift and agile movements.

Deer Swimming Abilities 

White tailed deer
White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus nelsoni) female with fawns, Orange Walk, Belize. Image via Charles J. Sharp, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although they are not as fast in water as on land, deer are very strong swimmers. Their powerful hind legs allow them to paddle at a steady pace for long distances, which is why the deer could escape the hound dogs! 

Lucky Escape

white tailed deer
Image by Robert Woeger via Unsplash

When we look at the abilities of deer and hound dogs, it seems that swimming to safety was the only shot the deer had at survival! As the 38 dogs on its tail surely would have caught up with it at some point. 

The Fishermen’s Heroic Act

blood hound stands on a meadow. Image via depositphotos

And thanks to the three fishermen who saved the 38 dogs from drowning in a Mississippi lake, no one got hurt in this interesting encounter! Showing us that kindness can take place anytime and anywhere. 

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White-tailed deer. Image via Depositphotos

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