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From Ant Hunt to Retreat: The Pangolin’s Struggle

Pangolin in a tree
By Frendi Apen Irawan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A Pangolin Life Caught on Video

The YouTube video offers a captivating glimpse into the life of a pangolin. It showcases the pangolin’s struggle and determination as it climbs, driven by the scent of ants. Despite its heavy armor, the pangolin perseveres, showcasing its remarkable 40 cm tongue, essential for feeding on ants. The video poignantly captures the pangolin’s challenge as it faces the ants’ defense, ultimately leading to its retreat. This brief yet powerful depiction highlights the pangolin’s unique characteristics and the challenges it faces in the wild.

Pangolin in a tree
By Frendi Apen Irawan – Wikimedia Commons

Mysterious and Endangered Mammals

Pangolins, often mistaken for reptiles, are unique mammals covered in scales, a trait that sets them apart in the animal kingdom. These scales are crucial for their protection against predators. When threatened, pangolins curl into a ball, using their sharp-scaled tails for defense. Their diet primarily consists of ants and termites, which they consume using their long, sticky tongues. Alarmingly, pangolins are among the most trafficked mammals, sought after for their meat and scales, which are mistakenly believed to have medicinal properties. Despite increased protection and international laws, illegal trafficking continues, posing a significant threat to their survival.

Pangolins: Species, Habitat, and Conservation

There are eight species of pangolins, four each in Asia and Africa. These species range in size and habitat, with some adapted to tree-dwelling and others to ground living. All pangolin species face the threat of extinction, classified as Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered. The primary threat to pangolins is illegal trafficking, driven by demand for their meat and scales, especially in Asia. Conservation efforts are ongoing, with increased legal protection and awareness campaigns, but the challenge of illegal trade persists.

YouTube video


Pangolins are fascinating creatures, showcasing unique adaptations and facing significant challenges. The YouTube video provides a window into their world, while the information in this article from various sources highlights the urgent need for their conservation. Understanding and protecting these unique mammals is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance.

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