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From Woof to Roar: News Reporter Unbelievable Lion-Dog Confusion

Close up image of a Cougar Image by Nicky Pe via Pexels

A news reporter was caught off guard in this lion- dog confusion, causing a debate amongst all the watchers: is it a dog or a mountain lion ?

In an astonishing encounter caught on video, a reporter was about to start her report when an unforeseen visitor strolled past her. At first, she thought the animal was a dog. It wasn’t until the imposing animal approached closer that she realized it was actually a mountain lion. Although she was terrified, she remained calm and observed the mountain lion stroll by.

Mountain Lions Lives

Mountain lion in Glacier National Park. National Park Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mountain lions are also recognized as cougars or pumas. They mainly inhabit various regions throughout the Americas, from Canada to South America. They are regularly found in diverse habitats such as mountains, forests, and deserts. Mainly found in South America, they are versatile and can find contentment in many different environments, as long as there is enough prey and appropriate shelter for them to hunt and rest.

Colorado mountains is a wild life paradise

The Mountain Lion. Image by Zach Key via Unsplash

Colorado is well known for its tall mountains. It’s not only a place of safety for nature lovers but also a home for mountain lions. Mountain lions are good at hiding and moving silently. There are thousands of mountain lions in the state, and they mostly live in rugged and rocky areas. It’s essential for people to appreciate and respect mountain lions so everyone can get along. Nature lovers and adventurers visit Colorado for its beautiful wildlife.

Things to do for tourist in Colorado:

Mountains in Colorado
Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods a public park but also an international tourist attraction. Image via Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mountain Lions Diet

mountain lion

Mountain lion on the hunt. Image by marcelo recabal via Pixabay

They will feast on anything, including mice, raccoons, and coyotes. In fact, deer is one of their most liked meals. That being said, where there are deer, the chances are there most likely will be mountain lions.

Mountain lion and its Cubs

Mountain lion
Mountain lion taking advantage of the cool breezes.Image via Louie Stenball, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lion cubs grow fast. From 10 to 15 days old, they start walking. While they are very young, they also develop baby teeth. This is why, for the first few months of their lives, baby lions are fully reliant on their moms for nourishment and safety. The mother lioness will protect her cubs, hidden from other threats, for six weeks.

Threats to mountain lions

Herd of piebald deer mammals.

Herd of piebald deer mammals.U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Even though bears and lions are skillful hunters who often take down deer and other animals, mountain lions are also vulnerable to being attacked by other predators like wolves and bears.


That being said, bears can be found all over the world in places such as mountains, forests, and deserts. They snack on both plants and animals. Although berries, nuts, and roots are what they mostly eat, they also hunt other animals, including mountain lions, as they view them as a threat to their nourishment or territory.


Wolves and mountain lions have very similar diets; they both consume deer, and both of these animals are located in mountainous areas. Every now and then, wolves find it difficult to hunt down deer. This is why they hunt mountain lions.

Other places you can find mountain lions

Mountain lion in snow. Image via Pixels

Mountain lions can be found in Canada as well; however, they are hardly seen since they are experts at hiding.

National park in Canada

Banff is Canada’s first national park; it is situated in the Canadian Rockies. It’s filled with colorful blue lakes, making it an ideal spot for hikers, with more than 1,000 kilometers of paths. That being said, it is also known to be home to Canada’s highest town because of its delightful views.

Summary of Mountain Lions and Reporter’s Encounter

Mountain lion
Mountain lions and her kittens. Image via National Park Service from USA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

After seeing the video where a mountain lion made its way past the reporter without causing any trouble, it is crucial to keep these animals safe and not react irrationally. However, mountain lions normally don’t want to hurt humans. For this reason, it’s important to be aware of these creatures and their way of behaving. It will save us and keep everyone safe.

The video

YouTube video

Did a mountain lion just photobomb this reporter’s live shot ? Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Inside edition

Lion-dog confusion: Conclusion

After reading this article, I hope we will be more mindful of mountain lions and our surroundings.

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