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Full-Grown Lion Hangs Out In Living Room Like a Normal Pet Cat

lion hangs out in living room
Image by Monarchhillproductions via YouTube

This clip shows something seemingly impossible: a who lion hangs out in a living room with two guys playing video games. Sure, it’s an amazing sight – but how safe is it?

lions roar
Lion roaring under the blue sky. Image by fleckus via Depositphotos

So first things first – is the scene in this clip actually legal? We’ll probably never know, as it all depends on what U.S. state they are in.

Generally, keeping lions as pets comes with stringent regulations in the U.S., but the laws and how strict they are vary from state to state.

  • States like Nevada, Wisconsin, Alabama, and North Carolina have much less strict laws and people can own exotic pets, including lions, without a license.
  • On the other hand, states such as New York, California, and Florida have strict bans or require specific licenses that are challenging to obtain.

Similarities Between Cat and Lion Behavior

It’s easy to spot that the two species are related when we compare the behavior of domestic cats and lions.

If we disregard the (absolutely massive) size of the lion in the video, we can admit that it does behave pretty much like a normal house cat would. Both species display similar body language, including stretching, grooming, and territorial marking.

The Video: Lion Hangs Out in Living Room

YouTube video
“Lion wants to play video games in livingroom”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Monarchhillproductions

Wrapping Up

Witnessing the behavior of this lion who hangs out in a living room shows just how alike cats they are. But it’s important to not be fooled by this short clip! Whatever the circumstances, a lion will forever be a wild animal that could kill you in a second if it wanted to.

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