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Normal House Cat Challenges Huge Lion

cat challenges lion
Image by BigCat Derek via YouTube

This normal house cat has both attitute and bravery (and maybe a smudge of arrogance) which can be seen in the way that it challenges a lion – had it not been for that fence she’d have been toast.

Lion Vs. House Cat: Size Difference

Beautiful Mighty Lion
Beautiful Mighty Lion. Image by yulia-zl18 via Depositphotos

It’s definitely a no-brainer that a lion has a massive advantage over a house cat when it comes to size, but do you know just how significant their size difference is? 

A full-grown lion clocks between 330 to 550 pounds and stretches up to 8 feet long (and this does not include their substantial tails.) In contrast, the average house cat tips the scales at a mere 10 pounds and measures around 18 inches in body length. 

This means you’d need about 44 normal house cats to reach the average weight of a lion.

Image via Depositphotos

Despite their size differences, house cats and lions do have a fair amount in common as they share a common ancestor.

Genetically, they are quite similar, with domestic cats possessing many of the same behaviors and instincts as their wild counterparts. For example, they share predatory instincts and similar body structures, albeit scaled massively down in domestic cats.

Their Shared Ancestor Goes Back 10.8 Million Years

The common ancestor of domestic cats and lions is believed to have lived about 10.8 million years ago.

This ancestor gave rise to the genus Panthera, which includes lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards (essentially, all the “Big cats”).

Domestic cats belong to a different lineage that diverged around the same time become the smaller felines we know today.

The Video: House Cat Challenges Lion

YouTube video
“Brave housecat challenges LION”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: BigCatDerek

The video is from a wild animal facility in Texas. A normal house cat called Baggy can be seen challenging a massive lion to a chase. Luckily for the cat, there’s a fence between them – or she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Wrapping Up

This video reminds us of how different, but yet so similar, cats and lions are. Thank you for reading this article about the house cat that challenges a lion! For similar stories, take a look at these ones:

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