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Great White Mauls Fisher’s First Tuna Catch

Great White Shark
Great White Shark

A remarkable incident involving a great white shark and a massive tuna catch was recently shared by a woman from Melbourne. Isabella Sesto, who was on her first barrel fishing expedition, had spent approximately 90 minutes reeling in the colossal fish. This thrilling encounter took place off the coast of South Australia’s Cape Jaffa, in the state’s southeastern region, where Isabella was fishing with a group of enthusiasts.

Great White Shark

Smile, you’re on camera

As the shark approached their boat, a chorus of screams filled the air. Isabella exclaimed, “It’s a white, it’s a big white, it’s a big white,” capturing the tense moment on video. Despite the shark’s attempt to seize the fish, the group successfully hoisted the enormous tuna onto their vessel. However, the tuna did not emerge unscathed, displaying massive tears and bite marks on its tail, courtesy of the shark.

Picture: Instagram, @isabella.sesto

In an interview, Isabella Sesto expressed her delight at the rare encounter. She stated, “Having an experience like that just makes it one in a million, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” She went on to say that the damage to the tuna’s tail didn’t bother her, emphasizing that it still weighed 102 kilograms, meeting her goal of catching a barrel tuna. She described herself as “absolutely stoked.”

An unforgettable experience

Isabella had been pursuing a barrel tuna for about five years, and this event marked a significant achievement for her. She noted, “I’ve just had no luck. It’s just one species I cannot conquer.” She acknowledged that while the great white shark’s involvement was unexpected, the accomplishment of catching the tuna was still impressive.

Picture: Instagram, @isabella.sesto

In a video posted on her Instagram, she affectionately referred to the shark as a “jerk,” revealing her mixed emotions. She stated, “I’m happy but I’m sad. Like I don’t know what to feel. This jerk, this big great white’s come, bit half my tuna off, and it’s my first tuna.” Isabella concluded the video by describing it as the “most amazing experience” of her life.

Born to be wild

On a separate Instagram post, Isabella emphasized the significance of the experience, particularly considering the time and effort she had dedicated to fishing over the years. Her passion for sharks, which she has been hunting and fishing for around 16 years, made the encounter even more special. She also shared that she and her friends were not afraid of sharks, even engaging in surf fishing for them during the summer, demonstrating their fearlessness and love for these incredible creatures.


You never know what to expect when you are out there in the wild. A casual fishing trip can easily escalate into an event you will never forget. Keep this in mind while you’re enjoying the ride.

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