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Watch: Hangry Baby Elephant had a Rough Day

Hangry baby elephant
James Williams / Flickr
YouTube video
Youtube / Wings2Tusks Wildlife Enthusiasts

A Rough Start to the Day

The day for this tiny hangry baby elephant was filled with challenges that only the wild can present. Whether navigating the rough terrain, keeping up with the herd, or simply battling the exhaustion that comes with being so new to the world, each moment was a learning experience. Observers couldn’t help but be charmed by the sight of this baby elephant expressing its frustration in what appeared to be a small bush tantrum—a moment of pure, unfiltered emotion that resonates with anyone who has ever had a rough day.

Hangry baby elephant
Image captures the adorable moment of a baby elephant in the midst of a tantrum. Image: DALLE-E.

Maternal Guidance and Support

Amidst the struggles, the constant presence of the baby elephant’s mother offered a comforting reassurance. Elephants are known for their strong familial bonds. This was on full display as the mother elephant used her trunk to gently guide and support her baby up the steep slope of the river bed. This act of maternal care is a powerful reminder of the deep connections within the animal kingdom, mirroring the universal instinct to protect and nurture one’s offspring.

Hangry baby elephant
Image captures a tender moment between the baby elephant and its mother. Image: DALLE-E.

The Reward of Rest and Nourishment

After the day’s trials, the moment finally arrived for the baby elephant to enjoy some much-needed rest and nourishment. Suckling from its mother, the infant could recharge, drawing the strength needed for the days ahead. This intimate scene of mother and child is a poignant glimpse into the daily life of elephants. Thereby highlighting the importance of rest and sustenance in the early stages of life.

Hangry baby elephant
Image captures baby elephant and its mother as she guides him up a steep river bed slope. Image: DALLE-E.

The Circle of Life in the Wild

This captivating story of a baby elephant’s challenging day is more than just an adorable spectacle. Hence, it’s a vivid illustration of the circle of life in the wild. Every struggle and triumph plays a crucial role in the development and survival of young animals.


In conclusion, the journey of this tiny baby elephant is a powerful narrative of resilience, familial bonds, and the instinctual drive to persevere. For those fortunate enough to witness these moments, the experience is a touching reminder of life’s beauty and harsh realities in the wild. Lastly, it’s a story of growth, survival, and the simple, profound moments of rest and nourishment that fuel life’s journey.

I hope this video of the hangry baby elephant made you smile.

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