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Meet The Incredibly Rare Blue Eyed Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Running
Baby Elephant Running. Image by fouroaks via Depositphotos

Meet this incredibly rare blue eyed baby elephant! There are apparently only three known in the world to have this rare mutation.

Introducing Kisa

baby elephant
Baby ellie. Image by Pfüderi from Pixabay.

Found in a snare trap, Kisa, was badly wounded. She was to be operated on and given stitches. Unfortunately, she was also reluctant to being fed with the bottle. Luckily, there was a glimmer of hope when her caretakers finally found the most comfortable angle for her and she became more used to the idea of being fed.

The Bond Between Kisa and Lamby

portrait of a sheep
A curious sheep investigating. Image via Pixabay

Amazingly, Kisa found solace in the presence of another four legged friend, Lamby. A surrogate mother whose gentle guidance helped her navigate the elephant life. Together, they created a bond that transcended species. Therefore, really showing the power of empathy and understanding from another being.

The Rarity Of This Blue-Eyed Wonder

Walking african elephants mother and baby (Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya) Image via Depositphotos

So far documented are only three blue-eyed African elephants known in the world. One is in South Africa and two are in the country of Kenya. Thus making this a very rare genetic mutation in African elephants.

The Blued-Eyed Struggle

Baby elephant cruising along with an elder. Image by Tobias Adam via Unsplash

Her eyes are so sensitive to the sunlight, her determined caretaker would hold a umbrella up for her, shading her eyes from the bright sunlight. Thus, giving her some relief from the intense rays. She often would close her eyes and walk around, bumping into things on occasion. Strengthening her other senses to accommodate this, she truely overcame a large hurdle.

The Video

YouTube video
Blue-Eyed Baby Elephant Is So Brave And Sweet, Source: Youtube, The Dodo

Wrapping Up with the Blue Eyed Baby Elephant

baby elephant
Baby elephant. Image by Maurits Bausenhart via Unsplash

Lastly, this story reminds us of the tragedy that animals experience because of us humans, setting these nasty traps where elephants roam. She not just an interesting story of nature taking its course, but also an inspiring success story, where we have corrected our wrongs and rescued this poor being from the harm we cause.

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