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Heaviest Hedgehog Ever Recorded

Heaviest Hedgehog
Credit: Times Of Malta

In the heart of Malta, a remarkable story unfolds – that of Garfield, a hedgehog whose weight nearly doubled the norm. This extraordinary creature captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts when she was found in Pietà, struggling to move and with injuries that spoke volumes about her unusual journey. Let’s delve into the fascinating tale of Garfield, shedding light on her physical characteristics, behavior, and the remarkable efforts to nurse her back to health.

Heaviest Hedgehog
Credit: Times Of Malta

Garfield’s Record-Breaking Size

Garfield, aptly named after the famous cartoon cat, became a sensation due to her unprecedented weight. Weighing a staggering 2.2kg, she surpassed the average weight of a healthy hedgehog by almost double. This hefty hedgehog’s size drew comparisons to Arbuckle, a hedgehog found in Scotland in 2018, previously considered the world’s heaviest.

Unraveling Garfield’s Background

Rescued by local volunteers, Garfield’s story unfolds with intrigue. It’s suspected that she was once a pet, as indicated by her atypical behavior and sleeping patterns. Hedgehogs, typically nocturnal creatures, adapt their routines to their human caretakers, a stark departure from their wild counterparts.

Physical Characteristics and Unique Challenges

Aside from her weight, Garfield presented with unusual long claws, a consequence of her sedentary lifestyle. In the wild, hedgehogs constantly move, utilizing their claws for scratching and climbing. However, Garfield’s confinement hindered her natural behaviors, necessitating special attention during her rehabilitation.

Challenges in Rehabilitation

Angelique Lofaro, a dedicated volunteer, spearheaded Garfield’s journey to recovery. Overcoming hurdles like hissing protests during hydrotherapy sessions, Lofaro’s efforts have already seen Garfield shed a significant amount of weight. Despite the challenges, Lofaro remains committed to ensuring Garfield’s eventual return to the wild, where she rightfully belongs.

Insights into Hedgehog Conservation

Garfield’s story sheds light on the plight of hedgehogs and the challenges they face in urban environments. With increasing human encroachment, hedgehog populations often find themselves in perilous situations, requiring intervention from dedicated individuals like Lofaro and her team. By raising awareness and providing crucial care, organizations like the Wildlife Rescue Team play a vital role in safeguarding these endearing creatures.

Heaviest Hedgehog
Credit: Times Of Malta

Wrapping Up with the Heaviest Hedgehog

The saga of Garfield, the heaviest hedgehog ever recorded, is a testament to the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity. Through the unwavering dedication of passionate individuals, like Angelique Lofaro, Garfield’s journey serves as a beacon of hope for conservation efforts worldwide. As we marvel at her remarkable transformation, let us also reflect on the importance of coexistence with nature and our responsibility to protect and preserve it for generations to come.

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