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Hibernating Bear Found under Family’s Deck in Connecticut

Hibernating Bear under deck
Image via ABC7Chicago

Discover the incredible story of a Connecticut family who found a hibernating bear under their porch deck.

A Shock in Connecticut

This family in Connecticut experienced an unbelievable surprise when they discovered a black bear hibernating under their deck!

The only reason they found the bear was their house dog’s odd behavior when walking nearby. 

A quick peek beneath the deck revealed the sleeping bear nestled on a bed of leaves. 

A Nervous Dog

The family dog’s uneasy behavior was the first clue that something unusual was happening in their backyard. 

Dogs are often sensitive to the presence of wildlife, and this case was no exception. 

The dog’s anxiety drove the family to investigate the area. Which led to the startling discovery of the hibernating bear. 

This reaction highlights pets‘ intuitive nature, which serves as an early warning system for unexpected or potentially dangerous situations.

Hibernating Bear

Finding a hibernating bear so close to home is an extraordinary event. Black bears typically seek out secluded spots like dense underbrush or caves for winter rest. 

Hence, the under-deck space is a peculiar choice. 

Further, wildlife experts later identified this bear as likely being male.

Super Chill Bear

Despite the potential dangers posed by its presence, the bear remained remarkably calm throughout its stay under the deck. 

Vincent Dashukewich, a family member, noted that the bear was “super chill,” showing no signs of agitation or discomfort even when checked on periodically. 

This behavior allowed the family to observe the bear from a safe distance without disturbing it.

The Video

“Hibernating bear found under family’s deck” via ABC7Chicago

What Do You Do If This Happens to You?

If you find yourself in this unlikely situation with a bear on your property, you should keep a safe distance and avoid disturbing the animal. 

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection advises that if the bear does not pose an immediate threat, it’s best to let it remain until it leaves naturally after hibernation. 

However, if the bear starts to show signs of aggression, you can play loud noises like air horns or shine bright lights on it. This will encourage it to move to a different spot.

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