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Video: Bear Snacking by a Picnic Table – just like a human would!

Bear Snacking by Picnic Table
Image via DylanAnderson

Let’s watch this video of a bear snacking on a gourd by a picnic table, mimicking a human on a lunch break.

A Bear on a Lunch Break

In this scene, we see a bear mirroring human behavior. 

This bear was spotted sitting comfortably by a picnic table, indulging in a lunch break of its own. 

The bear has a human-like posture, casually lounging by the table as if ready to enjoy a midday meal.

This bear, seemingly at ease among the park’s amenities, transforms a simple meal into a moment of unexpected delight for any onlooker.

Enjoying a Good Gourd

The menu for this bear’s lunch was quite the treat—a delicious gourd. 

The bear handled and ate the gourd without a care in the world with surprising delicacy.

Gourds are nutritious and enjoyable for bears. They are packed with seeds and pulp that provide essential nutrients and energy.


“Bear was eating at a picnic table” via DylanAnderson

Bears in Human Settings

Seeing a bear so close to human habitation underscores the often blurred lines between wildlife habitats and human spaces. 

Moreover, as our communities expand into natural landscapes, encounters like these are becoming more frequent. 

Further, this overlap requires careful management to ensure safety for both humans and animals!

A Fun Sight

Lastly, seeing a bear casually dining at a picnic table is undeniably charming and highlights a lighter, joyful aspect of wildlife observation. 

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