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Watch: Huge Elephant Attacks Lion Mother But Spares Cubs

elephant attacks lion mother
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Elephant Vs. Lion Mother: The Attack

lion cub
Image by Tobi from Pixabay

The video is bound to make your heart pound: it shows a huge elephant charging towards a lioness and her cubs.

In a panic, the lioness attempts to get herself and her babies to safety – but she can only carry so many cubs in her mouth at one time. Two cubs are left behind, and for a moment, it looks like the elephant will crush them.

To everyone’s relief, the elephant steers away, seemingly only focusing on the lioness, and the cubs make it out alive.

Are Elephants and Lions Enemies?

elephants on the savannah
Image by Dick Hoskins via Pexels

Contrary to the popular belief that elephants have no natural enemies, lions are, in fact, among the few natural adversaries of elephants.

This rivalry stems from the lions’ position as apex predators and their capability, particularly when hunting in groups, to take down young or weakened members of elephant herds. Typically, adult elephants, with their imposing size and strength, have little to fear from most predators. However, lions represent a notable exception under certain circumstances.

Just a Mom Protecting Her Babies

elephant attacks lion mother

The lioness’s actions in the video underscore the powerful maternal instincts present in the animal kingdom. Lionesses are known for their fierce protective nature, often putting themselves in harm’s way to safeguard their offspring. This behavior is crucial for the survival of cubs, who rely on their mother for food, protection, and learning essential survival skills.

The lioness’s desperate efforts to save her cubs highlight the relentless drive of motherhood – something seen in mothers across all species.

Size Vs. Jaws and Claws

Image by Moments Immortalized via Pexels

The encounter makes us think about the very different weapons that elephants and lions bring to the table.

Elephants, the largest land animals, wield immense strength and are capable of crushing any predator with their massive weight. Lions, on the other hand, rely on their agility, sharp claws, and powerful jaws. While a lioness is an apex predator, against an elephant, her strengths are significantly outmatched, demonstrating nature’s balance of power.

Cubs Facing the Hard Rules of the Savannah

lion cubs
Image by Irina Anastasiu via Pexels

Cubs, despite being future predators, face numerous threats from other animals and the environment. Even the king of the jungle isn’t born untouchable. This early life stage is fraught with danger, shaping them into the formidable hunters they will become one day.

Are Elephants Territorial?

elephant attacks lion mother
Image by Casey Allen via Pexels

While not territorial in the same way as lions, who defend their pride’s territory fiercely, elephants can become aggressive if they feel threatened or if their young are in danger. This protective instinct is especially seen in older elephant bulls of elephant mothers.

Elephant Attacks Lion Mother: Wrapping Up

portrait of lion cub
Image by Jeff Rodgers via Unsplash

The African savannah is rife with complex inter-species dynamics. This habitat is home to many impressive creatures, each with its own set of impressive defense tactics and hunting techniques.

Thank you for reading this story about the elephant who attacks a lion mother! Keep exploring life on the savannah with us:

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