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Watch: Buffalo Headbutts Fellow Buffalo to Save It from Male Lion

Buffalo Headbutts Buffalo to Save It
(Masaai Sightings)
YouTube video

In this dramatic display of survival instinct and herd dynamics, a recent video from the Masai Mara, captured via Okavango camps, shows a buffalo headbutting a fellow member to save it from a male lion’s clutches.

This remarkable incident sheds light on the complex social behaviors of buffalo in the wild and their strategies against predators.

Herd Dynamics in the Face of Predation

Buffaloes are known for their strong herd mentality. When faced with predators like lions, they utilize their unity to create confusion and protect each other. The video exemplifies this behavior: a buffalo courageously intervenes to save a fellow herd member from a lion attack.

Understanding Buffalo’s Defensive Tactics

The action of headbutting, while appearing aggressive, is a strategic move in buffalo herds. It’s a method of creating a distraction and an opportunity for the targeted buffalo to escape. This behavior highlights these animals’ complex strategies to survive in predator-rich environments.

The Danger of Lion Hunts

While lions are apex predators, hunting buffalo presents significant risks. With their size and strength, buffaloes can inflict severe injuries on lions. The video captures this perilous dance of predator and prey, illustrating the high stakes of survival in the wild.

The Role of Size and Strength

The buffalo’s physical attributes, including its powerful head and horns, are crucial in these defensive encounters. The headbutt, a forceful and direct use of its strength, can deter or even injure a predator like a lion.

Conservation Insights

Such videos are not only captivating but also serve an educational purpose. They provide insights into the behavior of wildlife, which is essential for conservation efforts. Understanding how animals like buffaloes defend themselves and their herd contributes to our knowledge of their ecological roles.


The video of a buffalo saving its fellow from a lion attack is a powerful depiction of survival in the animal kingdom. It underscores buffaloes’ intelligence and social cohesion and the relentless challenges they face from predators.

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Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Hey buddy get up and fight,u too strong to overcome ur enemies

Malcolm Rowe

Saturday 13th of January 2024

The Buffalo wasn't distracting the one that was being attacked. It was assisting it to get up.