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Hungry Leopard Snatches Warthog Babies for a Snack

leopard snatches warthog babies

This leopard nimbly snatches two warthog babies and is probably delighted to have scored such an easy grab-and-go snack. Although the babies’ cries for their mom are heartwrenching, it’s simply just the laws of nature playing out as it has to.

Leopard Snatches Warthog Babies: The Video

YouTube video

The short but intense video is shot from a safari vehicle, and the mood changes suddenly by the chaos of a hunt.

A leopard, with its impeccable agility, lunges at two tiny baby warthogs trying to cross the road. The predator’s first attempt is successful, as it snatches one of the warthogs in its jaws. However, it quickly drops its catch to pursue the second warthog.

This is probably a strategic move, and we can only assume that the leopard will be coming back to retrieve its first catch.

How Small Are Baby Warthogs?

Baby warthogs, known as piglets, are incredibly small and vulnerable, especially when compared to their sturdy adult counterparts. At birth, they typically weigh a mere 2-4 pounds and are dependent on their mother for protection and nourishment. Their small size makes them easy targets for predators like leopards, who are always on the lookout for an easy meal.

As we can see, the piglets in the video, were no match for the experienced hunter.

Predators Taking Advantage of Naive Babies

In the wild, young animals often fall prey due to their naivety and lack of experience. Predators, like the leopard in the video, are adept at identifying and exploiting these vulnerabilities. Baby warthogs, in particular, are still learning the ropes of survival, making them easy targets.

This natural dynamic plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems, where predators help regulate prey populations and vice versa.

Are Warthogs Aggressive?

Adult warthogs are known for their defensive capabilities and can be quite aggressive when threatened. They use their sharp tusks and bulk to fend off predators. However, this aggression is primarily a defensive mechanism rather than predatory.

In the case of baby warthogs, they lack the physical development and experience to exhibit such aggression, making them easy targets.

Defensive Strategies of Warthogs: Flight or Fight?


Warthogs, when confronted with danger, exhibit a fascinating blend of flight and fight responses. While their first instinct is often to flee, utilizing their surprising speed to escape predators, they can also show remarkable bravery.

In situations where escape isn’t an option, especially when protecting their young, adult warthogs will resort to fighting. They use their sharp tusks and robust bodies as formidable weapons.

Leopard Vs. Warthog: Speed

The leopard’s speed and agility are its greatest assets in hunting. Capable of reaching speeds up to 36 mph, leopards can easily outmaneuver warthogs, which have a top speed of about 30 mph.

Although the warthog is slightly slower, it should still be applauded for its fast speed in relation to its size. In all, they are fast animals, which is flight is they’re primary defense. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to babies, and the leopard’s swift movements allowed it to successfully ambush these baby warthogs.

Leopard Snatches Warthog Babies: Wrapping Up

YouTube video

This hungry leopard attacking the baby warthogs shows the relentless and unforgiving nature of the wild. Although the babies’ squeals are nothing but heartbreaking – a leopard’s got to eat too.

While it makes your heart sore, it’s a glimpse into the incredible sights you get to experience while on safari.

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