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Beluga Whale Steals a GoPro! But Returns It!

Hvaldimir Steals a GoPro
Hvaldimir Steals a GoPro. Image by Shibbytraveler via YouTube

Dive into the captivating tale of Hvaldimir, the playful beluga whale of Norway, and his mischievous yet heartwarming encounter with a kayaker’s GoPro.

The Playful Thief

Hvaldimir, whose name is a play on the Norwegian word for whale (“hval”) and the Norse god Ymir, has become somewhat of a local celebrity. Known for his friendly demeanor and curious nature, this beluga whale has been spotted interacting with kayakers and other water enthusiasts in the region multiple times.

On this particular day, as the shimmering waters of Norway reflected the clear blue skies, a kayaker was capturing the serene beauty of the surroundings with his GoPro. Little did he know, Hvaldimir had other plans. With a swift move, the beluga approached the kayak and, to the kayaker’s astonishment, snatched the GoPro!

A Game of Fetch in the Ocean

Beluga Whale
Beluga whales are generally slow swimmers. Image via Depositphotos

While many would panic at the thought of losing their camera to the depths of the Ocean, this kayaker was in for a pleasant surprise. Hvaldimir, after briefly disappearing with the GoPro, returned to the surface, handing back the camera as if playing a game of fetch. The sheer intelligence and playful nature of this beluga left everyone watching in amazement.

The Video

YouTube video
“Hvaldimir Steals my GoPro!” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Shibbytraveler

The Mystique of Norway’s Waters

With its fjords, waterfalls, and vast coastal regions, Norway is a haven for marine life. Kayaking in these waters offers a unique perspective, allowing one to get up close and personal with the wonders of the Ocean. From the majestic orcas to the playful belugas, every trip is an adventure waiting to unfold.

For those unfamiliar with the region, Hammerfest is a popular spot for kayaking. The pristine waters and the chance to spot creatures like Hvaldimir make it a must-visit for every water sports enthusiast.

Fun Fact: The Beluga’s Brain

Beluga Whale
Beluga whale. Image via Depositphotos

Beluga whales are known for their high intelligence. Their brain weighs around 5.5 kg, more than an adult human’s! This might explain their curious nature and ability to interact with humans playfully.


The story of Hvaldimir and the stolen GoPro is an entertaining tale and a reminder of our deep connection with the marine world. With their intelligence and playful demeanor, these creatures teach us the importance of coexistence and mutual respect.

So, the next time you’re out kayaking in Norway, watch for Hvaldimir. You might become a part of another enchanting tale of the Ocean!

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